PVS Sanctioned
per Athlete
Max Amount Payable
(by PVS for meet)
Assistance Paid
2010 USA Swimming SCY Junior NationalsDec 9-11
Atlanta, GA
4004/01/10 to entry deadline$25001/10/11$7,500 No PVS participants
2010 USA Swimming SCY NationalsDec 2-4
Columbus, OH
4004/01/10 to entry deadline$45001/03/11$6,750 Link to List
2010 USA Swimming Junior ChampionshipsAug 9-13
Irvine, CA
4004/01/10 to entry deadline$25009/12/10$7,500 Link to List
2010 USA Swimming National ChampionshipsAug 3-7
Irvine, CA
4004/01/10 to entry deadline$45009/06/10$6,750 Link to List
2009 USA Swimming SCY Junior NationalsDec 10-12
Columbus, OH
4004/01/09 to entry deadline$25001/11/10$7,500 Link to List
2009 USA Swimming SCY NationalsDec 3-5
Federal Way, WA
4004/01/09 to entry deadline$45001/04/10$6,750 Link to List
2009 USA Swimming Junior ChampionshipsAug 10-14
Federal Way, WA
4004/01/09 to entry deadline$25009/14/09$7,500 Link to List
2009 US OpenAug 4-8
Federal Way, WA
4004/01/09 to entry deadline$25009/08/09$7,500 Link to List
2009 US Paralympics Summer Can-Am ChampionshipsJuly 30-Aug 1
Edmonton, Alberta
4004/01/2009 to entry deadline$45009/01/09$900 Link to List
2009 World Championship TrialsJuly 7-11
Indianapolis, IN
609/1/08 to entry deadline$45008/11/09$6,750 Link to List
2009 US Paralympics Spring Can-Am ChampionshipsMarch 19-21
Gresham, OR
4009/01/2008 to entry deadline$45004/21/09$900 Link to List
2008 USA Swimming SCY Junior NationalsDec 11-13
Austin, TX
4009/01/08 to entry deadline$25001/12/09$7,500Link to List
2008 USA Swimming SCY NationalsDec 4-6
Atlanta, GA
4009/01/08 to entry deadline$45001/05/09$6,750Link to List
2008 USA Swimming Junior ChampionshipsAug 4-8
Minneapolis, MN
4004/01/08 to entry deadline$25009/08/08$7,500Link to List
2008 US OpenJuly 29-Aug 2
Minneapolis, MN
4004/01/08 to entry deadline$25009/02/08$3,750Link to List
2008 USA Olympic TrialsJune 29-July 6
Omaha, NE
609/1/07 to entry deadline$80008/05/08$24,000 Link to List
2008 US Paralympics TrialsApr 3-5
Minneapolis, MN
609/1/07 to entry deadline$60005/05/08$1,200 
2007 USA Swimming Short Course (SCY) National ChampionshipsNov 29-Dec 1
Atlanta, GA
4004/01/07-11/28/07$45012/31/07$6,750Link to List 
2007 USA Swimming Junior ChampionshipsAug 6-10
Indianapolis, IN
4004/01/07-08/05/07$25009/09/07$3,750Link to List
2007 C-P National ChampionshipsJuly 31-Aug 4
Indianapolis, IN
4004/01/07-07/30/07$45009/03/07$9,000Link to List 

Note: The same athlete may not receive funding for both the 2007 C-P Nationals and 2007 USA Swimming Junior Championships.

2007 US Paralympics Summer Can-AmJuly 12-15
Edmonton, Alberta
42LC 2007$45008/14/07$1,350 
2007 USA Swimming Spring ChampionshipsMarch 27-31
East Meadow, NY
96SC 2007$45004/30/07$9,000Link to List 
2007 US Paralympics Spring Can-Am March 16-18
Montreal, Quebec
96SC 2007$45004/17/07$1,350Link to List 
2006 US OpenNov 30 - Dec 2
West Lafayette, IN
42LC 2006$25001/02/07$5000Link to List
2006 US Paralympics National ChampionshipsAugust 10-12
San Antonio, TX
42LC 2006$45009/13/06$1,350 Link to List
2006 USA Swimming Junior ChampionshipsAugust 7-11
Irvine CA
42LC 2006$25009/10/06$3750 Link to List
2006 C-P Summer NationalsAugust 1-5
Irvine CA
42LC 2006$45009/04/06$9000 Link to List
Note: The same athlete may not receive funding for both the 2006 C-P Summer Nationals and 2006 USA Swimming Junior Championships.
2006 USA C-P Swimming Spring Championships March 28 - April 1
Federal Way, WA
96SC 2005-06$45005/06/05$9000 Link to List
2005 US Paralympics Open ChampionshipsDec 8-10
Minneaplis, MN
429/15/05-12/7/05$25001/09/06$750 Link to List
2005 US OpenDec 1-3
Auburn AL
42LC 2005$25001/02/06$5000 Link to List
2005 USA Swimming Junior ChampionshipsAugust 9-13
Irvine CA
42LC 2005$25009/12/05$3750 Link to List
2005 C-P Summer NationalsAugust 3-7
Irvine CA
42LC 2005$45009/06/05$9000 Link to List
Note: Total funding and maxiumum share payable/athlete for August 2005 meets was determined by as part of FY 2006 budget formulation. The same athlete may not receive funding for both meets.
2005 US Paralymic National ChampionshipsJul 15-17
Gresham, OR
(must be from at least two meets)
09/15/04 to
$45008/26/05$1350 Link to List
2005 World Championship TrialsApril 1-6
Indianapolis, IN
96SC 2004-05$45005/06/05$9000 Link to List
2004 US Paralympics Open Dec 9-11
Minneaplis, MN
42LC 2004$25001/10/05$750Meet Canceled
2004 US OpenDec 2-4
San Antonio, TX
42LC 2004$25001/03/05$5000 Link to List
2004 Summer Nationals
(see note 1)
August 3-7
Stanford CA
42LC 2004$45009/06/04$9000 Link to List
2004 USA Olympic TrialsJuly 7-14
Long Beach, CA
(must be from at least two meets)
09/15/03 to
$60008/13/04$18000 Link to List
2004 Disability Championships Apr 22-24
Minneaplis, MN
N/AN/AN/A$45005/24/04$1250 Link to List
2004 Spring NationalsFeb 10-14
Orlando, FL
63SC 2003-04$45003/15/04$5850 Link to List
2003 US OpenDec 4-6
Federal Way, WA
42LC 2003$25001/05/04$3000 Link to List
2003 Summer NationalsAugust 5-9
College Park, MD
42LC 2003$75 per individual event
(max 4 swims)
09/08/03$7500 Link to List
2003 Spring NationalsApril 1-5
Indianapolis, IN
96SC 2002-03$45005/05/03N/A Link to List
2002 US OpenDec 5-7
Univ of Minnesota
42LC 2002$25001/06/03N/A Link to List
2002 Summer NationalsAugust 12-17
Ft Lauderdale, FL
42LC 2002$45009/16/02N/A Link to List
2002 Spring NationalsMarch 19-23
Univ of Minnesota
96SC 2001-02$45004/22/02N/A
2001 US OpenNov 29-Dec 1
Nassau Cty, LI NY
42LC 2001$25012/31/01N/A


Note: This table is intended to summarize the travel reimbursement requirements for PVS athletes participating in national level meets. Additional information regarding the requirements to be eligible to receive travel reimbursement are contained in PVS's Policy and Procedures Manual. Additional instructions and an application form are also available.

Effective for meets being reimbursed by PVS in FY 2004, the total amount to be reimbursed by PVS will limited to the total shown. This is being done in accordance with a decision made at the 2002 House of Delegates meeting, which was discussed further at the 2003 House of Delegates meeting

The table shows the total number of swims that the athlete must swim in PVS sanctioned meets during the appropriate season. In addition, at least the number shown must be in meets sponsored by PVS. PVS sponsored meets are those shown on the PVS schedule with "PVS" as part of the official name of the meet.

Travel assistance requirements for subsequent meets will be added to this list as they are approved by the PVS Board of Directors.

Note 1: May also receive travel assistance by qualifying for travel assistance to and participating in USA Swimming Olympic Trials.