Travel Reimbursement Requests
2007 USA Swimming ConocoPhillips Nationals
August 2007

At the October 10, 2007 Board Meeting, it was voted to grant travel assistance to the following teams. It was paid on behalf of the 8 listed swimmers who had competed in at least one individual event (not to include time trials) at the August 2007 USA ConocoPhillips Nationals.  The amount paid was $450 per swimmer.

Of the nineteen applications received -- thirteen were received by the due date.  Three late applications were accepted for consideration on a "lateness" appeal and the remaining three were denied for consideration.  Of the sixteen considered applications considered, 8 were approved, including 1 on a "college appeal."

At the December 12, 2007 Board Meeting, it was voted to consider an appeal from one club on behalf of its athlete who had competed in the meet. Following verification of the application, payment of the appeal was approved.

AthletePVS Club
receiving reimbursement
Ellyn BaumgardnerCUBU
Christopher GibsonCUBU
Zachary HaydenCUBU
Phil Hinrichsen *CUBU
Elizabeth KempCUBU
Matt McLeanCUBU
Christopher PoolCUBU
Kate ZieglerFISH
Cara Chuang** RMSC 
*"College Appeal"