Travel Reimbursement Requests

March 19 - 21, 2009

At the April 2009* PVS Board Meeting travel assistance requests were formally considered for the following swimmers who competed in individual events (not to include time trials or relays) at the US PARALYMPICS SPRING CAN-AM CHAMPIONSHIPS, March 19-21, 2009 in Gresham, Oregon. The amount of travel funds set aside for this meet was $900.00, with a cap of $450.00 per swimmer. The requirements were 4 events in sanctioned PVS meets between 09/01/2008 and the meet entry deadline (SC season). One request was received before the PVS deadline of April 21, 2009 and it was granted for a total pay out of $450.00..

	Johannes, Anna

*Since the only request received was “clean” and since this was a budgeted for item, the travel assistance was paid without formal board approval shortly after the request was received in late March. The payment was announced at the meeting, but was mistakenly omitted from the minutes.