Travel Reimbursement Requests
USA Swimming Junior Championships
(SUMMER JUNIORS) - August 2005

At the October 11, 2005 Board Meeting, it was voted to grant travel assistance to the following teams. It was paid on behalf of the 10 listed swimmers who had competed in at least one individual event at the August 2005 USA Swimming Junior Championships . The amount paid was $250.00 per swimmer.

All applications that were received were approved. None were approved as "appeals."

AthletePVS Club
receiving reimbursement
Daniel (Dito) Calderon MSSC
Nick ConradRMSC
Charles Durazo SNOW
Zach Hayden CUBU
Kelli Kyle RMSC
Matt McLeanSNOW
Alexander Morres OCCS
Chris Pool CUBU
Jonathan Pool CUBU
Megan Waters RMSC