Travel Reimbursement Requests
USA Swimming World Championship Trials
April 2005

At the June 6, 2005 Board Meeting, it was voted to grant travel assistance to the following teams. It was paid on behalf of the 11 listed swimmers who had competed in at least one individual event at the April 2005 World Championship Trials. The amount paid was $450.00 per swimmer.

Two appeal requests were not approved by the Board on the basis the applicants did not satisfy at least one of the requirements.

AthletePVS Club
receiving reimbursement
Ethan Bassett CUBU
Kristen Beales CUBU
Rick Eddy** CUBU
Kevin Fisher CUBU
Mathew Haupt YORK
Phil (Sven) Hinrichson CUBU
Elizabeth Kemp CUBU
Mark Liscinsky CUBU
Mike Raab **RMSC
Stephen Shomberger ** CUBU

** approved as an college attendance appeal