Travel Reimbursement Requests
US ConocoPhillips Nationals
(SUMMER NATIONALS) - August 2005

At the October 11, 2005 Board Meeting, it was voted to grant travel assistance to the following teams. It was paid on behalf of the 20 listed swimmers who had competed in at least one individual event at the August 2005 US ConocoPhillips Nationals . The amount paid was $450.00 per swimmer.

All applications that were received were approved. Four were approved as "appeals."

AthletePVS Club
receiving reimbursement
Kristen Beales CUBU
Mei Christensen CUBU
Drew Finelli CUBU
Kevin Fisher CUBU
Andrew Foss CUBU
Chris Gibson ** CUBU
Colleen Haase RMSC
Josh Hafkin *** RMSC
Mathew Haupt YORK
Phil (Sven) Hinrichson CUBU
Ryan Hurley CUBU
Elizabeth Kemp CUBU
Susan Kim RMSC
Tom Koucheravy SDS
Michelle Parkhurst MACH
Lindsay Payne CUBU
Chloe Sutton **** FISH
Meghan Thiel CUBU
Daniel Velez ** RMSC
Kate Ziegler FISH

** approved as an college attendance appeal.
*** approved as an appea due to international competition.
**** approved as an appeal. Athlete was a former PVS athlete who returned to PVS and had not satisfied PVS six month residency requirement by two weeks.