Travel Reimbursement Requests
USA Swiming National Championships - August 2003

At the October 8, 2003 Board Meeting it was voted to grant travel assistance of $75.00/per individual swim to the following teams on behalf of the swimmer(s) listed who had competed in the number of individual events (not to include time trials) indicated, at the Summer 2003 National Championship Meet:

AthletePVS Club
receiving reimbursement
Nnamnse Ammons (1) CUBU
Ethan Bassett (1) CUBU
Yeng Lan Beller (3) CUBU
Justin Betts (3) CUBU
* Rick Eddy (1) CUBU
KevinFurlong (1) CUBU
Chris Gibson (1) CUBU
Alice Henriques (2) CUBU
Ryan Hurley (1) CUBU
Liz Kemp (1) CUBU
Collen Law (1) CUBU
Mark Licinsky (4) CUBU
** Ed Moses (1) CUBU
Megan Newell (1) CUBU
Yuri Suguiyama (3) CUBU
Leslie Swinley (3) CUBU
Dominick Szabo (2) CUBU
Megan Thiel (2) CUBU
Juan Valdivieso (1) CUBU
Daniel Velez (2) RMSC
Kate Ziegler (3) FISH

*presented as an appeal
** approved as an appeal