Travel Reimbursement Requests
US OPEN - December 2003

At the February 17, 2004 Board Meeting, it was voted to grant travel assistance to the following teams. It was paid on behalf of the 17 swimmers listed who had competed in at least one individual event at the December 2003 US Open: The amount paid was $176.47 per swimmer based on a maximum of $3000 that was budgeted for this meet.

Payment was not made on behalf of two swimmers who did not satisfy the meet participation requirements.

AthletePVS Club
receiving reimbursement
Jason Adler CUBU
Jennifer Basel SDS
Kristen Beales CUBU
Yen Lang Beller CUBU
Kevin Fisher CUBU
Josh Hafkin RMSC
Katura Harver RMSC
Rebecca Horning SDS
Ryan Hurley CUBU
Elizabeth Kemp CUBU
Colleen Law CUBU
Mark Liscinsky CUBU
Megan Newell CUBU
Julie O'Brien CUBU
Michelle Parkhurst MACH
Leslie Swinley CUBU
Meghan Thiel CUBU