Travel Reimbursement Requests

2009 USA Swimming SCY Junior Nationals
December 10-12, 2009

At the January 18, 2010 PVS Board Meeting travel assistance requests were considered for the following swimmers who competed in individual events (not to include time trials or relays) at the SHORT COURSE JUNIOR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, December 10-12, 2009 in Columbus, OH. The amount of travel funds set aside for this meet was $7500.00, with a cap of $250.00 per swimmer. The requirements were 4 events in sanctioned PVS meets between 4/01/2009 and the meet entry deadline. Of the 37 possible requests, 34 were received before the PVS deadline of Jan. 11, 2010, two were received one day late and one was two days late. None of the requests were made as an appeal. The Board voted to accept all the requests and to pay full shares for all 37 received requests, for a total pay out of $9,250.00.

	Natalya Ares

	Ian Decker
	Serge Gould
	Daniel McDermontt
	Kaitlin Pawlowicz
	Mark Sarman

	Daniel Camozzo
	Eva Greene
	Shannon Harper
	Allison Haufler
	Richard Munch
	Charles Putnam
	Kaitlin Wolla

	Joseph Kelly

	Michael Hughes
	Angus Macdonald

	Ellen Anderson
	Cara Chuang
	John Conger
	Eric Conrad
	Celia Dinn
	Jonathan Ekstrom
	Anna Epstein
	Ashleigh Ferguson
	Anton Janezich
	Kelsey Liu
	Charlotte Meyer
	Kaitlin Mills
	Elizabeth Pepper
	James Powell
	Katie Rogers
	Andrew Tollefson
	Christopher Verboncoeur

	Valerie McMullan
	Geoffrey Wright

	Caroline Fosburgh 
	Elizabeth Fosburgh