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Training Materials

PVS Training Material
Referee Starter
Stroke & Turn Chief Judge
Relay Take-off Chief Timer
Announcer Clerk of Course
Guidelines for PVS Meet Referees
Mentoring Apprentice Officials in PVS
Stroke & Turn Training Videos
The Stroke Judge
Administrative Official Training
Timing Adjustment Reference Guide as of May 2016
PVS Chief Judge Test
PVS Chief Judge Recertification Test
Using Radios at PVS Meets
Completing the Disqualification Report
Officials Briefing PVS Timers Briefing
PVS Meet Manager 5 Training Manual
Hy-Tek Meet Manager 5 Users Manual
Meet Manager 6.0 Demo Version
Hy-Tek Meet Manager 6 Users Manual
PVS Hy-Tek Work Flow
Hy-Tek Tips & Tricks
link to Hy-Tek Website
CTS-6 Self-Paced, Computer-Based Training
Colorado Timing System Operator Training Manual (CTS-6)
[ CTS Training Slides ]
PVS Set-Ups for the CTS-6 Timing System
Configuring a Printer for the CTS-6
CTS-6 User's Guide
CTS-6 Helpful Hints
CTS-6 Sport Loader Manual
CTS-6 Training Videos
CTS-5 User's Manual
CTS-5 Helpful Hints
Daktronics OmniSport 2000 Timing System
OmniSport 2000 - Quick Reference Guide
OmniSport 2000 - Reference Manual
Guidelines for Using Chase Starts
Guidelines for Implementing Dive-Over Starts
Five Points for Successful Starts

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USA Swimming Rule Book