PVS Safety

This is the PVS Safety Committee page. It is the resource for all PVS safety-related information. Comments and suggestions for additional content are welcome to webmaster@pvswim.org.

USA-S Guidelines for Meet Marshals
Marshals Safety Card Checklist

Note on Hyperventilation-Induced Blackout
[April 2014]

USA-S Coach Membership Requirements (inc. Approved Safety Courses)
(updated 8/23/2013)
Safety Training for Swim Coaches Workshop
(from September 2013 USAS Convention)

Report of Occurence Form (online verison)
Report of Occurence Form (PDF)
(PDF ALTERNATE to be used only if online submission not possible in a timely fashion)

US Swimming Safety Chairs Workshop
July 9, 2011

Workshop Report form the Acting PVS Safety Chair

Workshop Handouts:
Workshop Presenters
Safety Education Committee
2011 LSC Safety Chairs
2011 Insurance Summary
2011 Insurance Claim Chart
Insurance Frequently Asked Questions
2011 Open Water Legislation
Personal Assistants for Swimmers with a Disability
Safety/Risk Management and the Inclusion of Swimmers with Disabilities

Safety Reminders
Staph Infections - Awareness and Prevention
The Use of Starting Blocks During Practice