Version: Final Working Draft

Actions taken at
USA Swimming House of Delegates Meeting -- September 18, 1999

Actions Taken are Summarized Below
Links to adopted items are provided.

Amendments made on the floor at the House of Delegates meeting are NOW reflected except for R-22.

All material is still subject to Technical Review by Chairman Rules and Regulations Committee.
Unless otherwise noted, rule changes to Part I are effective May 15, 2000.
Changes to all other Parts are effective January 1, 2000.

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Item DescriptionAction
HK-1 Meet Results Adopted
HK-2 Disabilities Adopted
HK-3 A, B, C Finals Adopted
R-1 Glossary: OVC Adopted
R-2 Glossary: Open Water Adopted
R-3 Age Group Meets Adopted with clarifying amendment
R-4 Age Group Events Adopted
R-5 Relays Adopted
R-6 Officials' CertificationDefeated. Similar Language Adopted in Resolution Form for inclusion in the USA Policy Manual
R-7 Recall Starter Adopted
R-8 Noisemakers & Lasers Adopted
R-9 FINA Start Adopted
R-10 Recall Starter Adopted
R-11 TimingAdopted
R-12 Equipment OperatorAdopted
R-13 Official Time Adopted
R-14 Meet Results Adopted
R-15 Split Times in ResultsDefeated -- See R-15A
R-15A Split Times in Results Adopted with Clarifying Amendment
R-16 Pace Clocks Adopted
R-17 Disability Standards Adopted
R-18 Observed Swims, OVCs Adopted
R-19 Observed Swims, OVCs Adopted/Amended -- Addition of Section .4 was defeated.
R-20 Blanket Observation, OVCs Adopted
R-21 Age Group Events Adopted with several amendments
R-22 Club Championships Adopted with amendments. Referred to a conference committee to be designated by the Rules and Reulations Committee Chairman and the Senior Committee Chairman to make necessary changes to conform to the substance of R-22.
R-23 Club Championships (against) Withdrawn
R-24 Short Course Indoor Nationals Withdrawn
R-25 Junior LSC Alignments Defeated
R-26 Qualifying Period Alignment Withdrawn
R-27 Jr/National 1 time Option Withdrawn
R-28 Removing C Finals Referred to Senior Committee retaining 50% vote for 2000 House of Delegates meeting.
R-29 Awards & Scoring
(some conflict with R-29A)
R-29A Awards & ScoringDefeated
R-30 Foreign SwimmersWithdrawn
R-31 Event Order Referred to Senior Committee retaining 50% vote for 2000 House of Delegates meeting.
R-32 Time Trials at Juniors Defeated
R-33 Foreign Time Standards Adopted
R-34 OVCs Adopted
R-35 OVCs Adopted
R-36 Meet Observation Adopted
R-37 OVCs Withdrawn.. Guidance will be added to USA Swimming meet instructions
R-38 Removing Time Appendices Amended -- Appendix 2D will be retained in rulebook
L-1 Outreach Membership Adopted
L-2 Outreach Membership Fees Adopted
L-3 Club Registration Defeated
L-4 Senior Committee: At Large Adopted
L-5 Technical Vice President Adopted
L-6 Technical VP Criteria Adopted with amendments
L-7 Technical VP Structure Adopted with amendments
L-8 Additional Athlete: Exec Comm Adopted
L-9 Open Water Coordinator Adopted
L-10 Secretary/ Legal Counsel Adopted
L-11 Open Water: Part 8 Adopted with Housekeeping Amendments
Red-1 Redistricting Adopted
Note: HK refers to Housekeeping changes, R refers to Rule changes, L refers to Legislation changes and Red refers to Redistricting changes.