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2019 H.S. Graduates

Please note: The swimmers listed below do not have to be swimming in college to be on this list. This is an evolving document. PVS Clubs are requested to submit their information periodically to the PVS Administrative Assistant when their PVS Senior high school athletes finalize their decisions. The list will be updated as new information is received.

Last Updated: 6/28/2019

Swimmer PVS Team College
Caitlyn Adair NCAP University of North Carolina Wilmington
Alana Bailey ASA Amherst College
Cate Barrett CSC College of William and Mary
Mollie Bauer RMSC University of Virginia
Caroline Bentz NCAP Virginia Tech
Grace Bodmer RMSC Towson University
Ryan Bookstein NCAP Towson University
Sarah Boyle MACH University of Notre Dame
Michaela Brotherton NCAP East Carolina University
Keyla Brown ASA East Carolina University
Julia Byrnes NCAP Virginia Tech
Danny Calder ASA Bowdoin College
Sarah Carmen NCAP James Madison University
Quintin Cheadle RMSC University of Maine
Javier Chiriboga NCAP William & Mary University
John Clado RMSC Montgomery College
Alex Colson RMSC Arizona State University
Sean Conway NCAP University of Virginia
Mathew Creeks FISH Calvin College
Jamison Crow RMSC Lafayette College of Pennsylvania
Samantha Damonte RMSC U.S. Military Academy at West Point
Kyrsten Davis NCAP Georgia Tech
Luke Devore NCAP George Mason University
Joseph Dietrich RMSC University of Maryland
Connor Din RMSC University of Maryland
Natalie Dobrzykowski RMSC University of Delaware
Meaghan Doyle RMSC Duquesne University
Stephanie Dye NCAP George Mason University
Alexandra Edwing RMSC Temple University
Timmy Ellett RMSC University of Kentucky
Emma Eustace RMSC High Point University
Peri Farling NCAP Old Dominion University
Matthew Ferrari NCAP University of Michigan
Reagan Fillinger NCAP Milligan College
Ryan Frohman RMSC University of Maryland
Kristen Gload RMSC University of South Carolina
Kayla Graham NCAP University of Pittsburgh
Kaitlin Gravell RMSC Villanova University
Mason Greenblatt FISH Texas A & M
Holly Greenleaf RMSC Towson University
David Grinstead NCAP Brown University
Madison Gupton NCAP University of North Florida
Brandon Hamblin NCAP Indiana University
Hannah Harnois RMSC University of Georgia
Evan Heidenreich NCAP Oklahoma Christian
Keely Hemminger FISH University of Rhode Island
Erica Hjelle RMSC Georgetown University
Kelsey Isman CSC Wesleyan University
Sebastian Jacome RMSC Towson University
Adam Janicki CSC Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sarah Johnson NCAP Williams College
Alina Jones NCAP Vanderbilt University
Manisha Kapoor RMSC Shippensburg University
Terence Keffer FISH Virginia Tech
Will Kilma NCAP University of Alabama
Jisu Kim RMSC University of Illinois
Dana Korotovskikh NCAP University of Virginia
Io Kovach CSC Franklin and Marshall College
Shannon Lamb RMSC Tulane University
Gabriel Laracuente NCAP University of Maryland Baltimore County
William Lewis NCAP Washington University
Al Li ASA Cornell University
Jacob Linder NCAP Boston University
Miranda Liu RMSC Georgetown University
Andrew Loayza RMSC York College of Pennsylvania
Emily Lutz RMSC Penn State University
Katie Mack NCAP North Carolina State
Allie MacMillan NCAP Emory University
Emily Mann RMSC University of North Carolina Wilmington
John Marder NCAP Tufts University
Grier Martin NCAP York College
Ryan Martinage ASA Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Megan Mastropaolo NCAP East Carolina University
Dylan McAfee NCAP Bates College
Issac McCabe RMSC Messiah College
Olivia McCarthy NCAP William & Mary University
Tori McCullough NCAP University of Kentucky
Jackson McCummings NCAP University of Virginia
Kerrigan McMillen NCAP West Virginia University
Andrew Meighan CSC Indiana University
Steven Mendley RMSC Dartmouth College
Lily Miller CSC Notre Dame University
Margaret Missig RMSC Towson University
Diego Morales RMSC University of Maryland Baltimore
Julia Moser NCAP Iona College
Drew Munson RMSC Towson University
Yuki Nagao RMSC University of Indiana
Matthew Ng CSC University of Missouri
Lauren Novak FISH Penn State
Claire Nguyen NCAP Arizona State University
Elise Nguyen NCAP University of Virginia
Sean Nguyen RMSC Montgomery College
Bobby O'Donnell RMSC U.S. Coast Guard Academy
Alea Oliphnat RMSC U.S. Coast Guard Academy
Natalija Pumpurs NCAP Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Erin Quinn NCAP Virginia Tech
Sean Reilly NCAP Lafayette College
Sophie Reilly NCAP Rice University
Sophia Ryan RMSC Virginia Tech
Olivia Santee NCAP Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Ian Sauter RMSC University of Maryland
Andrei Schwartz RMSC Washington University (St.Louis)
Alex Sena RMSC University of Maryland
Sarah Shackelford NCAP Virginia Tech
Nathan Shapiro NCAP Bates Princeton
Ryan Soh CSC Emory University
Ben Solomich RMSC Georgetown University
Taylor Spillman RMSC Iona University
Jacob Stavrianos RMSC Stanford University
Anna Stewart RMSC University of Georgia
Matthew Steinwandel RMSC Ohio State University
Sunil Suprenant RMSC Dickinson College
Regan Tait RMSC Gettysburg College
Brenda Tamara-Quinteros RMSC Penn State University
Jing-E Tan NCAP Columbia University
Ian Tansil NCAP University of Tennessee
Katelyn Tat RMSC University of Maryland
Will Tenpas NCAP Duke University
Audrey Tirrell NCAP University of New Hampshire
Heather Tuft NCAP U.S. Marine Corps
Annie Tuttle NCAP William & Mary University
Emma Van Duijnhoven ASA Tufts University
Ryan Vipavetz RMSC Virginia Tech
Tori Waisenan NCAP Minnesota State University
Jordan Wallace RMSC University of Pennsylvania
Autumn Wang RMSC University of California Berkeley
Nathan Watts RMSC U.S. Naval Academy
Jordan Wenner NCAP East Carolina University
Emma Williams CSC College William and Mary
Charles Wang NCAP University of Virginia
Daniel Wong NCAP University of Virginia
Brian Xi RMSC University of Maryland
Albert Xu NCAP U.S. Naval Academy
Catherine Xu FISH University of Virginia
Chris Yang RMSC Emory University
Cass Young CSC McGill University
Rita Zhang RMSC Carnegie Mellon University
Cece Zhao RMSC University of Maryland