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2018 H.S. Graduates

Please note: The swimmers listed below do not have to be swimming in college to be on this list. This is an evolving document. PVS Clubs are requested to submit their information periodically to the PVS Administrative Assistant their PVS Senior high school athletes finalize their decisions. The list will be updated as new information is received.

Last Updated: 10/4/2018

Swimmer PVS Team College
Everest Bloomer DCPR University of Maryland - College Park
Brett Bold TANK Christopher Newport University
Nathan Braun PGKS Salisbury University
Henry Buda MSSC Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)
Sally Burkley SNOW Mary Washington University
Hannah Carter SNOW Gardner Webb University
Kyle Cassidy MAKO Mary Washington University
Jenna Cay AAC Virginia Tech
Melody Champ SNOW University of Virginia
Sarah Chopko AAC William and Mary
Ian Cobb NCAP William & Mary
Sarah Conley AAC Notre Dame
Mathew Creeks FISH Calvin College
Missy Cundiff SNOW William & Mary
Miguel Davis DCPR Howard University
Kathleen Dinoso SNOW James Madison University
Eileen Eidelberg RY Ohio University
Cameron Edwards MSSC Frostburg State University
Sinead Eksteen NCAP Notre Dame
Chris Emerson ASA University of Chicago
Jacob Foster AAC US Naval Academy
Shannon Foster AAC University of Virginia
David Gallion AAC Gannon University
Isabella Gate NCAP Kentucky
Bethany Gatlin NCAP University of Nebraska - Omaha
Richard Gentry NCAP Rhodes College
Mason Greenblatt FISH Texas A&M
Andrew Hale MAKO Shippensburg University
Taylor Harper BWST York College of Pennsylvania
Maddie Heilbrun NCAP Harvard University
Keely Hemminger FISH University of Rhode Island
Luay Hilmi SNOW University of Pittsburgh
Cassie Holstein NCAP Duquesne University
Amanda Hong MSSC University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)
Collin Hughes SNOW John Hopkins University
Terence Keffer FISH Virginia Tech
Cody Kim NCAP Middlebury College
Alexandre LaBossiere NCAP University of Chicago
Anna Landon AAC Virginia Tech
Madeline LaPorte NCAP Notre Dame
Jonathan Lofgren TOLL Hamilton College
Cora Lundgren TANK Northeastern University
Fletcher Madsen MAKO Brigham Young University
Brooke Matthias NCAP Penn State
Mia McKinley NCAP George Mason University
Sophie McKinley NCAP George Mason University
Tim McKinley NCAP George Mason University
Ryan McLaughlin TANK University of Pennsylvania
Matea Mladenovic AAC George Mason University
Thomas Moore SNOW U.S. Military Academy
Andrew Neubauer RY James Madison University
Anna Nix AAC Christopher Newport University
Andrew Nixon SNOW Purdue University
Lauren Novak FISH Penn State University
Morgan Oehler MSSC University of Maine
Maren Oliver SNOW University of North Carolina - Ashville
Stuart Pliuskaitis SNOW University of British Columbia
Jamie Quinn TANK Manhattan College
Jack Ramberg SNOW Liberty University
Lawrence Redmond NCAP Emory University
Claudia Reverte RY University of Virginia
Emil Robles TANK Texas A&M
Ben Rosenthal AAC University of Virginia
Zach Rosenthal AAC University of Virginia
Gage Russello SNOW Emory Riddle University
Sabrina Sanabria DCPR University of Maryland - College Park
Kai Shanklin DCPR Florida A&M University
Thomas Stapor SNOW Virginia Tech
Carson Stevens NCAP George Mason University
Lydia Stonerook SNOW Virginia Tech
Connor Sughrue AAC William and Mary
Noah Swisher AAC University of Virginia
Steven Thalblum NCAP William & Mary
Nerrisa Wagner SNOW Midland College
Luke Watling RY John Hopkins University
Wrayzene Willoughby DCPR Spelman College
Becky Wolfson TOLL Brown University
Tyler Worthley SNOW Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Gabby Zhang NCAP William & Mary
Zander Zidlicky AAC Villanova University