PVS Senior Championships
March 12-15, 1998
Wakefield Park and Oak Marr Recreation Centers
Fairfax, VA

25 Yards

. Team Score
Men's Events Women's Events
Men's Preliminary Events
with Splits (98k)
Womem's Preliminary Events
with Splits (110k)
Men's Final Events
with Splits and Relay Members (106k)
Womem's Final Events
with Splits and Relay Members (98k)
Thursday Distance Events
Friday Morning Preliminary Events Friday Evening Final Events
Saturday Morning Preliminary Events Saturday Evening Final Events
Sunday Morning Preliminary Events Sunday Evening Final Events
Download Meet Manager Files as Zip File see note
complete thru Sun Finals & Sun Time Trials
Friday Time Trials Saturday Time Trials
Sunday Time Trials
Complete Time Trials with Splits
Psych sheets and Time Line for Preliminary Sessions