New Starting Procedures
Training for Referees and Starters

Effective January 1, 2000, PVS will be implementing new starting and recall procedures at almost all levels of competition -- see In order to meet the challenging opportunities of these new protocols all certified starters and referees are required to attend a session designed to familiarize them with these new procedures. They will not be permitted to serve as a starter or referee where the new procedures are in use until they have done so.

Persons who attended:

  • the Starter's clinic at UMD on October 2
  • ,
  • the Referee's clinic at River Falls on October 3
  • ,
  • the special clinic at MAC on October 13, or
  • the Starter's clinic at GMU on October 30
have already satisfied this requirement.

Three re-training sessions have been scheduled to correspond with the November Open. They will be presented at ALL THREE MEET VENUES (Mt Vernon, Lee District and Fairland) on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 21st at 10:30am. This is shortly after the conclusion of the morning session (11-12 year old). These presentations will conclude prior to the start of the days middle session (9-10 years old) at 11:45 am. If you are a PVS Starter or Referee and have not attended any of the above clinics, please plan to attend in order to become Y2K compliant in PVS!!

This material will also be covered during the Referee and Starter clinics being conducted in January 2000.

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