APRIL 29, 2009

A Nominating Committee consisting of John Hirschmann, Dan Jacobs Linda Klopenstein and Brian Pawlowicz was established by the PVS Board of Directors at its March 2009 meeting.   The attached notice was posted to the PVS website on March 25. It addresses the positions to be elected by the House this year. It also addresses positions to be chosen separately by the Coaches, Athletes and Officials to elect their respective positions on the Board .  Two additional proposed nominees were received as a result of the March 25 notice -- one of whom subsqently withdrew when it was determined they were not eligible and other (who was originally nominated by a third party) withdrew their nomination.

Accordingly the Nominating Committee currently intends to nominate the following individuals.

Board of Directors

Board of Review (in alphabetical order)
(four to be elected, at least one of whom must be an athlete.)

Brian Pawlowicz recused himself from nominations for the Board of Review.

Dave DiNardo was appointed by the Board of Directors at its April 13 meeting as interim Vice Chairman for Opearations to fill the vacancy caused by Karl Hellman's resignation. He will serve in the interim appointment until the House of Delegates meeting. The person elected by the House to fill the unexpired term will serve until that term ends on August 31, 2010.

The Nominating Committee in addition announced it would accept additional nominees until the Report of the Nominating Committee was sent to the House of Delegates. That date has now passed and no additional names were received. Nominations will still be accepted from the floor at the House of Delegates meeting on May 20th.

John Hirschmann