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PVS Nominating Committee

The PVS House of Delegates will meet on Wednesday May 20, 2009 to elect both members of the PVS Board of Directors and the PVS Board of Review. The persons elected will generally serve for the period September 1, 2009 - August 31, 2011.

The House of Delegates will conduct elections will be held for the following positions this year: The current incumbents are shown in parenthesis


The current incumbents of the General Chairman, Finance Vice-Chair, and Senior Vice-Chair will each complete their first two year term this year. Therefore, all are eligible to seek reelection fo a second two year term. They all have advised that they wish to seek reelection for a second two year term.

The current Operations Vice-Chair, Karl Hellman, resigned from the PVS Board in early March 2009 as his employment required that he relocate from this area. The General Chair has NOT requested that the Board approve somebody to serve in this capacity on an interim basis. The person elected by the House of Delegates in May to complete this unexpired term of office will serve from the date of their election until August 31, 2010.

Steed Edwards and Boots Hall have served two full two year terms in their positions on the Board of Review. Under PVS By-Laws, these individuals may NOT be reelected to the same position. Brian Pawlowicz and Virginia Ratcliff were initially elected in 2007 and 2008, respectively, to terms that expire August 31, 2009. Since neither have completed two full two-year tems, they may both seek reelection to a full two-year term. Brian Pawlowicz has indicated he wishes to seek reelection, Virginia Ratcliff does NOT wish to do so. One of the persons elected to the Board of Review must be an athlete to assure that any Board of Review convened has at least 20% of its membership drawn from athletes.

The Coaches Representative to the Board will be selected by the PVS Coaches. Dan Jacobs' second two-year term expires on August 31, 2009. Therefore, he is NOT eligible to run again for that position. The Coaches Representative whose term does not expire this year (Manga Dalizu) is responsible for overseeing the conduct of this election. Coaches wishing to run for this position may announce their intent to do at the House of Delegates Meeting. The election will occur at the PVS Long Course Championship meets in July.

The Athletes Representative to the Board will be selected will be elected by the PVS Athletes 13 years and older at the PVS Long Course Championship meets in July. Nominations to be on the ballot may be made at the May 2008 House of Delegates meeting. Two current incumbents (Virigina Ratcliff.and Christopher "CJ" Fiala) of that position terms expire on August 31 - Virginia Ratcliff is completing a full two year term and Christopher Fiala was appointed to fill vacancy which term also ends this August 31. Both are eligible to run for reelection. . Virginia Ratcliff has advised that she does NOT plan to seek reelection. Chirstopher Fiala has advised that he does.

The Officials Representative to the Board will be selected by the PVS Officials at the PVS Long Course Championship meets in July. Nominations to be on the ballot may be made at the May 2008 House of Delegates meeting. The incumbent of that position, Boots Hall, is eligible to run for that position. She has indicated she does plan to seek reelection..

The PVS Board of Directors approved at the March 2009 Board meeting, a Nominating Committee consisting of John Hirschmann, Don Jacobs, Linda Klopenstein and Brian Pawlowicz..  These individuals have advised that they do not wish to be nominated for a position to be elected this year on PVS's Board of Directors. Brian Pawlowicz will be seeking reelection for the Board of Review and will recluse himself from discussion of nominees for that position.

The Nominating Committee may nominate a slate of one or more than one candidate for any position to be elected. Nominations may also be made from the floor at the House of Delegates meeting. Before deciding who it wishes to nominate, the Nominating Committee would like to learn of any individuals who wish to be nominated for any of the above positions. You may also recommend another individual for the Committee's consideration. If possible, please try to determine their interest in serving before doing so. The Committee would like to receive this information by Monday, April 6..

They may be reached at:

John Hirschmann202-544-8218hirschj@erols.com
Dan Jacobs571-238-7658djacobsii@comcast.net
Linda Klopfenstein703-323-5789lkpvs@hotmail.com
Brian Pawlowicz703-771-7001brianpawlowicz@cubu.org