APRIL 13, 2008

A Nominating Committee consisting of Riley Eaton, Jim Garner, John Hirschmann, Brian Pawlowicz and Greg York was established by the PVS Board of Directors at its March 2008 meeting.   The attached notice was posted to the PVS website on March 12 (amended on March 15.)   It addresses the positions to be elected by the House this year and therefore the positions for which nominees are needed this year.  No additional proposed nominees were received by any member of the Committee as a result of this posting.

Accordingly the Nominating Committee currently intends to nominate the following individuals.

Board of Directors
Administrative Vice Chair  -- Art Davis
Operations Vice Chair -- Karl Hellmann
Age Group Vice Chair -- Bill Marlin
Strategic Planning Chair -- Jim Thompson

Board of Review (in alphabetical order)
(six to be elected, at least two of which must be athletes -- one of the athletes elected will serve a one-year term.)
Janet Auger
Manga Dalizu
Wally Dicks (athlete)
Mark Eldridge
Kerry Ellett (incumbent)
Arthur Lopez
Frank O'Toole (athlete)
Virginia Ratcliff (athlete)
Don Riedlinger
Robert "Bob" Vincent

The Nominating Committee will accept additional nominees until the Report of the Nominating Committee is sent to the House of Delegates which presumably will be at the end of April. (20 days prior to the House of Delegates meeting on May 21.)

John Hirschmann