AS APPROVED at the PVS Board Meeting -- December 13, 2006
Meeting Notes


7:00 PM -- WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 2006
McLean Community Center
McLean, VA

ATTENDANCE:  Board Members:   Jim Garner, Chair; Austin Auger, Art Davis, Mark Faherty, John Hirschmann, Bill Marlin, Don Riedlinger, Bill Stephens,  Ron Whalen.  Non-voting Board members:  Janet Auger, John Ertter, Boots Hall, Linda Klopfenstein. 

CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order at approximately 6:51 pm by Jim Garner, General Chair.

AGENDA:  Jim provided the Board with a proposed Agenda.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  The minutes of the October 11, 2006 meeting were approved.  Don Riedlinger abstained.

SWIMPOSIUM:  Agenda item deferred until December’s meeting to allow Paris Jacobs to be present.

ASCA CONVENTION:  Garner will contact this year’s “Age Group Coach of the Year” regarding how she would like to be reimbursed for her expenses.

OCTOBER 25, 2006, FAIRFAX COUNTY PARK AUTHORITY MEETING:  Janet Auger reported on her attendance at this meeting.  She stated agenda topics included safety, responsibility for parking, disruption to RECenter operations caused by the hosting of meets, and rules pertaining to food handling.

FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS:   A resolution to authorize the opening of one fifteen month $100,000 certificate of deposit, with an expected 5.79% yield, at Fidelity & Trust Bank was unanimously approved.   A second resolution was unanimously approved authorizing closure and transfer to the PVS M&T checking account of the CD maturing on December 10, 2006.  Signature authority on the new and existing certificates of deposit was reviewed.

REPORT ON USA-S PERMANENT OFFICE WORKSHOP:  Prior to the meeting, John Ertter provided all members of the Board with a write-up of his attendance at the workshop held on October 26-28, 2006 in Colorado Springs, CO.

OUTREACH REQUEST REGARDING THE FORMATION OF A DIVERSITY TEAM:  The Board was informed that a presentation is expected to be made at its December meeting.

HOSTING 2008 EASTERN ZONE LONG COURSE MEET:  Marlin reported that he is continuing to explore co-hosting arrangements with VSI.  Additionally, Niagara Swimming provided him with its financials for the 2006 EZ LC meet which will aid in meet planning.  

ZONE COACH STIPEND INCREASE:  Agenda item deferred pending a recommendation from the Zone Team coordinator.

HANDLING OF MODIFICATIONS TO SANCTIONED MEETS:  The Board agreed that requests to make substantial changes to previously sanctioned meets should be referred to the Age Group and Senior Chairs (as appropriate) for approval. They will also determine if the requested change is so material that it should be referred to the Board for formal action.

IMPLEMENTATION OF DIVE-OVER STARTS:  Art Davis requested that the Minutes reflect his observation of the smooth transition of the implementation of dive-over starts at the PVS October Open.

MODIFICATION OF ENTRY DUE DATE FOR 2007 PVS JANUARY OPEN:  The Board instructed Janet Auger to move the entry deadline on the January Open from Tuesday to the previous Friday. 

MODIFICATION OF SCHEDULING OF PVS SPONSORED MEETS:  The Board unanimously approved modifying Policy & Procedure regarding PVS sponsored meets as follows: 

(Note that the reference to meet course type has been deleted and April 30 changed to March 31.)

MODIFICATION OF SCHEDULING OF CLUB SPONSORED MEETS:  The Board unanimously approved modifying Policy & Procedure regarding the scheduling of club meet bids.  (Note that the reference to meet course type has been deleted and “summer” time period now starts April 1 rather than May 1.) 

OFFICIALS EDUCATION TRAVEL REIMBURSEMENT:  Prior to the meeting, Whalen provided all members of the Board with a proposed “Officials Education Travel Reimbursement Policy.”  The Board voted unanimously to table the issue pending further clarification of reimbursable expenses, specific meets that would be eligible and specific maximums per meet and/or per official.

OFFICIALS EDUCATION TRAVEL REIMBURSEMENT FOR 2006 US OPEN MEET:  The Board unanimously approved the motion to award $500 in travel reimbursement, with a cap of $250 per official (not to exceed actual expenses), for officiating at the 2006 US Open to be held November 30-December 2 in West Lafayette, IN.

NEXT BOARD MEETING:  The Chair announced that its next Board meeting will be held at McLean Community Center on Wednesday, December 13th at 6:30 PM.

ADJOURNMENT:  The meeting was adjourned at 9:55 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Janet Auger
Administrative Assistant