Board of Directors Meeting - April 9, 2008

Official Minutes



7:00 PM – WEDNESDAY, APRIL 9, 2008


Attendance:  Board Members:  Greg York, Chair, Art Davis, Riley Eaton, Mark Faherty, Boots Hall, Dan Jacobs, Bill Marlin, Virginia Ratcliff, Jim Thompson.  Non-voting Board Members:  Jim Garner, Karl Hellmann, Linda Klopfenstein, Brian Pawlowicz.  Executive Director:  John Ertter.  Individual Members:  Janet Auger, Chris Harris, John Hirschmann, Tim Husson, Paris Jacobs, Arthur Lopez and Jim Van Erden.


Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order at approximately 6:55 pm by Greg York, General Chair.


Agenda:  John Ertter, Executive Director, provided the Board with a proposed Agenda that was adopted.   It was agreed that items might be taken out of order in light of the length of the agenda and the need of the Board to address certain items at this meeting.


Approval of Minutes:  The minutes of the March 5, 2008 meeting were unanimously approved.  


General Chair’s Remarks:  Greg York, General Chair, reviewed the names of those who planned to attend the Eastern Zone Meeting to be held in Reston, VA on May 2-3, 2008.  The individuals identified included Art Davis, Riley Eaton, John Ertter, Mark Faherty, Boots Hall, John Hirschmann, Tim Husson, Dan Jacobs, Paris Jacobs, Linda Klopfenstein, Bill Marlin, Brian Pawlowicz, Jim Van Erden, and Greg York.  Attendees requesting overnight accommodations were to contact Linda Klopfenstein.  It was agreed that Riley Eaton would attend the Technical Planning meeting on behalf of PVS.


Presentation by Chris Harris:  Chris Harris, parent of several RMSC swimmers, arrived.  York explained to the Board that Mr. Harris had expressed several concerns to him, via e-mail, about the difficulty of finding in-LSC Open LC qualifying opportunities for his children because of religious convictions that negated the possibility of competing on Sundays, and that he had offered Mr. Harris the opportunity to express these concerns to the entire Board.


Following his statements, the Board explained that PVS’s competition schedule is developed by the Competition Committee and presented to the Board for approval and suggested that Mr. Harris encourage his club to bring his concerns to its meetings.  Bill Marlin, Age Group Chair, noted that he had presented a proposal to ease the non-conforming qualifying times for the PVS 14/Under LC Championships at the January Competition Committee meeting.  The proposal was defeated


As an interim solution, both MACH and PM extended invitations to Mr. Harris’ children to compete in their upcoming club sponsored long course meets (which include non-Sunday events).


General Chair’s Remarks (con’t):  Returning to Board matters, York explained that he had recently met with George Homewood and Mary Turner of VSI and discussed the sanctioning process of PVS meets held in VSI territory and vice versa.   In lieu of sanction numbers being issued by both entities, it was agreed that in the future a single sanction would be issued and that the LSC responsible for issuing the sanction would be determined by the territory in which the meet was being held.  Logistically, the club requesting the sanction is to submit the request to its own LSC sanctioning officer for preliminary approval after which its LSC Administrative Division will be responsible for submitting the request to the LSC in which the meet is to be held.  York emphasized that this procedure in no way modified the Sanction Treaty Agreement previously agreed to with VSI.  (See Board Minutes of December 13, 2006.)


A motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved to endorse the sanctioning procedures York just outlined as well as authorize Art Davis to draft the appropriate language to be included in PVS’s Policies and Procedures.


Executive Session:  All non-voting Board and individual members exited the meeting for an executive session.  The meeting resumed in Open Session and all in attendance returned.


PVS Officials and Awards Recognition Reception:   York reminded the Board that a social to recognize and thank all registered PVS officials was scheduled to be held at Mantua Pool in Fairfax on Saturday, April 26th at 6:30 PM.     


Preparations for House of Delegates Meeting:  In preparation for the upcoming House of Delegates meeting, York requested that all division / committee reports be submitted to John Ertter no later than May 7th.  An earlier deadline of April 30th was established for the 2008-09 Proposed Budget, Proposed By-law Amendments and Nominating Committee Report.


Athlete Representative:  Virginia Ratcliff, Athlete Representative, praised the recently competed Sectionals meet. 


Planning for Eastern Zone Meeting:  Paris Jacobs reviewed the schedule and status of the planning for the upcoming Eastern Zone Meeting being hosted by PVS and to be held May 2-3, 2008 in Reston, VA.


Presentation by Arthur Lopez:  Arthur Lopez was welcomed to the Board meeting and provided all Board members with a written update on the Outreach Program, “Nadar Por Vida – Swimming for Life.”  He invited all members to attend the filming of his swimmers on Friday, April 18th at 8:00 PM at the Tyson’s YWCA.  The purpose of his presentation was to thank PVS for its prior support and to request that funding of a grant be considered once again.


Recognition of Jared Miller:  Paris Jacobs informed the Board that Jared Miller, TESC, had been presented with a scholarship from the Major League Baseball Hand Aaron Chasing the Dream Program (HADCP).  (See: for details.) 


2008-2009 FY 2009 Budget Proposal:  Prior to the meeting, John Ertter provided all members of the Board with the FY2009 Budget Proposal.  Included with the proposal were several questions that he requested be addressed by the Board.  In the discussion that followed, nine amendments were proposed as possible changes to the previously circulated budget.


·        A motion to retain four sites for the 2008 November Open was approved.

·        A motion to budget the per athlete fee for attending Eastern Zone meets at $400 was approved.

·        A motion to maintain the reimbursement limit of $150 per session for hospitality expenses at PVS meets was approved.  Any requests for exceptions can still be addressed on a meet or site specific basis.

·        A motion to retain the PVS B/BB Championship meet for budget purposes in 2009 was approved.

·        A motion to reduce funding for PVS Camps from $8,000 to $4,000 was approved.

·        A motion to combine line items Outreach Program Grants and Diversity Program into one account and to reduce funding to $5000 was approved.

·        A motion to amend the FY2008 Budget to include Travel Reimbursement for Olympic Trials at a rate of $800 per athlete with a cap of $24,000 was approved.  (This modification was necessitated by the fact that PVS’ accounting is now prepared on an accrual basis.  If PVS had remained on a cash accounting basis – this would have been in the FY 2009 budget.)

·        A motion to keep for the present time, 2008 PVS EZ LC Zone Team expenses as currently in the FY 2008 budget was approved.  [As an aside, the Board requested that at its upcoming meeting, the Competition Committee develop a proposal for the handling of lodging and travel for the meet since it will be held in PVS territory.  Additionally, Jim Garner volunteered to develop budget numbers in the event that Competition chose to recommend a program similar to the one used by VSI.]

·        A motion to keep the budget for Contractor Services as proposed was approved.


A motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved for the Board to recommend the budget as amended to the House of Delegates for adoption.  Ertter will revise the budget to reflect the appropriate changes prior to it being sent to the House of Delegates for its consideration at the annual House of Delegates meeting. 


PVS Investments:  Ertter informed the Board that PVS’s auditors had recommended that more of PVS’s cash reserves be invested in equities.  PVS’s equity investments are currently handled through the Dain Rauscher Mutual Funds Account. Ertter recommended that $20,000 be deposited in the account, with additional monthly deposits of $1,000 until the balance equals 20% of excess cash reserves.  Citing that this recommendation was in line with PVS’s Investment Policy, the Board unanimously approved Ertter’s recommendation. It was also explained that the recommendation to immediately invest $20,000 was made in order to obtain a lower management fee when the account balance exceeds $100,000.


Outreach Grant to Nadar Por Vida:  A motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved to fund a grant in the amount of $3,000 to Nadar Por Vida.


Finance Division / Treasurer’s Report:  Financial results for the period ending March 31, 2008 were not available prior to the meeting.  [On April 20, 2008, financial results for the period ending March 31, 2008, were provided to the Board and showed that PVS’ current assets on hand were $796,720.]


2008 SC Zone Meet Report:  Mark Faherty, Zone Team Manager, presented all members of the Board a PVS Zone Team Report.  In addition to the items included in his report, Faherty indicated that he believed several issues needed to be discussed at the upcoming Eastern Zone and Competition Committee meetings.  These items include:



Faherty concluded by reminding the Board that he and Dave Greene had agreed to assume the roles of Zone Team Managers since no replacement had been found following Paris Jacobs’ resignation.  York and Ertter agreed to continue a search for a replacement.


Venue for 2008 PVS LC Distance Meet:  Ertter informed the Board that he had recently learned that Takoma is unavailable for the 2008 PVS LC Distance meet.  He indicated that he was pursuing the rental of another venue.  Various available pool options were informally discussed by the Board.


New PVS Administrator:  York informed the Board that six applicants had been interviewed for the position.  He reported that all applicants were exceptional.  A decision had been made to offer the position to Colleen D’Anna and she is expected to start assuming her duties very shortly.  The current Administrative Assistant, Janet Auger, has agreed to assist with the transition process through May 31.


Acceptance of Maryland Swimming Official’s Clinics:  Jim Garner informed the Board that he had spoken with both Jim Van Erden and Boots Hall and that they had agreed that PVS would accept for the purpose the attendance at Maryland Official’s clinics as is currently permitted with VSI Officials clinics.


Approval for Purchase of Team Manager, Version 5:  The Board approved Garner’s request to spend $100 to purchase the latest version of Team Manager.


At-Large Appointments for House of Delegates Meeting:  York recommended to the Board that the following individuals be designated as the 10 at-large delegates to the PVS House of Delegates as permitted by the By-Laws: Arvydas Barzdukas,  Sumie Emory, John Ertter, Jim Garner, John Hirschmann, Tim Husson, Linda Klopfenstein, Brian Pawlowicz, Don Smith and Jim Van Erden.  The Board concurred with the recommendation to make these appointments.  [Subsequent to the meeting, Kerry Ellett was appointed  to replace Arvydas Barzdukas since Barzdukas would be in attendance as NVSL’s House of Delegates representative.] 


Report of PVS Nominating Committee:  John Hirschmann, Nominating Committee Chair, presented a preliminary report to the Board.  Citing that he wished to have more individuals on the slate for the Board of Review, he requested that publication of the report be postponed.  [On April 13, 2008, the Nominating Committee Report was released and posted to the PVS website.]


Administrative Division:  Art Davis presented all present with an Administrative Vice-Chairs Report in which he reviewed the current status of penalties under the PVS Officials Requirement as well as the proposed By-law Amendments to be presented at the upcoming House of Delegates meeting.  Regarding the unpaid penalties, Ertter will contact those clubs who have not responded to inform them that they are in jeopardy of not having their clubs’ registrations renewed.


PVS Webmaster’s/Technology Report:  While not discussed due to time constraints, Tim Husson, PVS Webmaster, provided his monthly PVS Webmaster’s/Technology Report.


The remaining items on the Agenda were deferred until a later meeting.


Next Board Meeting:  The Chair announced that its next Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 11th at a time and location to be announced.  [Subsequent to the meeting, the location and time were announced as McLean Community Center, 6:30 PM.]


Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 9:50 PM.


Respectfully submitted by,

Janet Auger

PVS Administrative Assistant