Board of Directors Meeting - November 14, 2007

AS APPROVED at the PVS Board Meeting – December 12, 2007
Meeting Notes



7:00 PM – WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2007


ATTENDANCE:  Board Members:  Greg York, Chair; Austin Auger, Art Davis, Mark Faherty, Karl Hellmann, Dan Jacobs, Boots Hall, Bill Marlin, Brian Pawlowicz, Virginia Ratcliff, Bill Stephens, Jim Thompson, Cassidy Wolfe.  Executive Director:  John Ertter.  Non-voting Board members:  Janet Auger, Jim Garner, John Hirschmann, Jim Van Erden.  Guests:  Manga Dalizu, Paris Jacobs. 


CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order at approximately 7:01 pm by Greg York, General Chair.


AGENDA:  John Ertter, Executive Director, provided the Board with a proposed Agenda that was adopted.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  At the request of Art Davis, the draft of the October 10, 2007 minutes was modified to include a parenthetical update regarding On-deck USA-S registrations at PVS sanctioned meets.  The minutes, as amended, were unanimously approved.


PRESENTATION ON STRATEGIC PLANNING INITIATIVES:  Jim Thompson, Strategic Chair,   presented a comprehensive PowerPoint handout entitled, “Telling the PVS Story” in which he proposed various manners in which to tell the story of how PVS serves the needs of the community.


AUTHORIZATION OF OBSERVATION OF US PARALYMPICS OPEN SWIMMING CHAMPIONSHIP:  At John Hirschmann’s request, the Board was asked to consider a request that the 2007 Paralympics Open Championship be authorized by PVS so that selected swims could be observed for USA-S purposes.  The meet is being sponsored by the USOC/IPC and will be at the University of Maryland, December 6-8, 2008.  He recommended that no fee should be charged consistent with policy of not charging a sanction fee for Sectionals, US Nationals, and other similar meets held in PVS territory.  A motion to authorize observation with no sanction fee assessed passed unanimously.


AUTHORIZATION TO CHANGE METHOD OF ACCOUNTING:  Prior to the meeting, all Board members had received John Ertter’s proposal to change PVS’s accounting method for purposes of presenting monthly financial statements from a Modified Cash Basis to a full Accrual Basis of Accounting.  Included in his handout was a comparison of the October 2007 financial statements using the historical cash basis method versus a full accrual basis method.  PVS is already using accrual accounting for its full fiscal year reporting.


A motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved to immediately adopt a full Accrual Basis of Accounting for both monthly and annual financial reporting purposes.  It was acknowledged that since the 2007-08 budget was developed on a cash basis, comparisons of actuals with reported would have to take that into account.  It was agreed the 2008-09 budget would be developed on an accrual basis. 


AWARD OF HOST FOR 2008 PVS B/BB CHAMPIONSHIPS:  The Board agreed to award the hosting of the 2008 PVS B/BB Championships to FBST.  The inclusion of this new meet in the PVS schedule had previously been discussed at the October 3, 2007 Competition Committee meeting and approved by the Board at its October 10, 2007 meeting.  It further agreed that, as this is a Championship meet, times achieved at this meet will not be accepted as late entries for the 2008 PVS 14&U Junior Olympics.  Additionally, the Board established the individual event fee at $5.00 – the same fee structure as at JO’s and other PVS Championship meets.


FORMATION OF AND APPOINTMENT TO PVS AUDIT COMMITTEE:  Per Bill Stephens’ Audit Committee Proposal deferred from last month’s meeting, a motion was made that an Audit Committee be formed and that Manga Dalizu, Karl Hellmann and Bob Vincent be appointed to serve. It was noted that this is a requirement found in Section 7.4.2 C of PVS by-laws and is required even if an independent auditor is auditing PVS’s books on an annual basis.   Following a second, the motion was unanimously passed.  


ESTABLISHMENT OF PVS RUN COACHES CERTIFICATION CLASSES:  In an effort to assist its coaches in maintaining current certifications, Bill Marlin presented a motion that PVS run one certification class on each side of the river in September or October of 2008.  The motion was amended to include the provision that the PVS Webmaster establish an on-line registration process as is currently available for Officials clinics.  Following a second, the motion, as amended, unanimously passed.


ESTABLISHMENT OF POLICY REGARDING INCLUSION OF DISQUALIFICATION EXPLANATIONS ON MEET RESULTS:  Davis asked the Board its opinion regarding the inclusion of disqualification explanations being printed on posted meet results.  Following a limited discussion, the Board’s consensus was that the information should be included on meet results – both those posted at meets as well as on the website.


Next Board Meeting:  The Chair announced that its next Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 12th, 6:30PM at McLean Community Center.


Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 9:43PM.


Respectfully submitted by,

Janet Auger

PVS Administrative Assistant