2002 PVS LC Senior Championships
July 11-14, 2002
University of Maryland
Campus Recreation Center
Psych Sheets
  • These psych sheets are being posted in order to allow the meet entry process to be reviewed for accuracy prior to publicaiton of the program and conduct of the meet.

  • Coaches and team meet entry coordinators are asked to complete their review by
    5PM Tuesday July 9.

  • Inquiries should be directed to the Meet Entry Coordinator, Kit Mathews kwmathews@earthlink.net or at 301-524-4775

  • Parents or swimmers with concerns should contact their coach or team meet entry coordinator as the Meet Director will only respond to inquires received from coaches or team meet entry coordinators.

Psych Sheets

Women's Events 9:50pm July 8
Men's Events 9:50pm July 8

Expected Session Timelines

All Sessions
(now posted)
10:00pm July 8

Other Meet Information

Driving/Parking Instruction at UMD
Credential Information
Official Assignments for PVS Senior Championship
Additional officials are welcome to work this meet. If you are qualified and can help, please notify (in advance, if possible) the Jim Garner, Administrative Referee or sign in at the officials table prior to any session you can work.

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