University of Maryland -- Campus Recreation Center
July 11-14, 2002

Special Traffic Advisory

This is only the second time PVS will be using this superb facility for competition. Accordingly, we are providing some information to help you become familiar with parking and other arrangements at UMD. In addition, athletes, coaches and officials should use a special entrance on the pool level to gain access to the pool deck and locker rooms. Spectators will need to enter the facility either thru the main entrance which is two levels higher or through the ground floor entrance when taking the bridge from the new Comcast garage and then taking the elevator or stairs to the up two levels to the spectator entrance level.


Driving intructions are posted at The campus map are posted at (An easier to load campus map is also available.) The pool is most easily reached from intersection of Stadium Drive off University Blvd -- 2 lights west of US 1 (Baltimore Ave.) A detailed map of the Northwest Quadrant of the campus is also posted. The recreation center is "Building 068" on that map. Athletes, coaches and officials will be able to enter the building from the lower parking lot (Lots 9a and 4L) near SS2 on the map.

There is a $5 fee/day for parking in certain lots at UMD. You will be able to RETURN on the SAME DAY so long as you retain your permit. Parking will be available in the lower lot (Areas 2a and 4L) From here spectators will need to go up two levels to the main entrance to the building. Athletes, coaches and officials will be able to enter on the level of this parking lot.

Overflow parking will also be available at the northside of the Stadium Parking Lot (pg3) on the map. From there you can walk to the pool, entering the building on the uppermost (spectator) level for the pool.

On Thursday and Friday after 4pm, and all day Saturday and Sunday, parking is also available for free in the new Comcast Arena Garage. Do not use this garage before 4PM on Thursday or Friday as its use is restricted to permit holders.

This garage is only accessable off University Blvd (MD193) Eastbound ONLY by turning right at Terrapin Trail (between Stadium Drive and Mezerott Road). The only approach to the garage is by turning right at this intersection, one intersection after Stadium Drive.

If you approach the pool going Westbound on MD 193 you need to make a U-turn at the Stadium Drive light to go east, and then turn right at the next intersection onto Terrapin Trail.

The new Comcast garage does not appear on the "easier to load" University of Maryland map.

There is a foot bridge that connects the Comcast Garage to the Campus Recreation Center. Once you cross the bridge, you can enter the Recreation Center on the ground level and take either the stairs or an elevator up two levels to the spectator entrance level.

Meter parking is available directly in front of the Outdoor Aquatic Center of the Campus Recreation Center. Meters are enforced until 10pm on the weekdays. Meters are not enforced on the weekends.

Please adhere to all University of Maryland parking regulations.

Campus Recreation Services, the University of Maryland and Potomac Valley Swimming are NOT responsible for parking tickets received while at the University.


Credentials will be required for deck access to UMD for AG Champs and SR Champs. Please check in with the marshals at the lower entrance (near SS2). A pass will be provided to athletes entered into the meet and currently registered coaches and officials. You should keep the credentials with you at all times. Timers, and Deck officials, should return their passes unless working the next session. Athletes should keep their passes for the whole meet. Please remember to bring back your credentials in order to attain access to the pool deck for subsequent sessions.

Identification will not be required, but anyone found to have gained unauthorized access to the facility/deck will be asked to leave the building for the balance of the meet. Coaches and officials should remember to bring their USA Swimming registration card with them.

All deck access should be through the lower entrance.

Athletes, coaches and officials should allow themselves additional time in order to both receive credentials and to become familiar with the access and parking arrangements at UMD.