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PVS Officials Gold Nametag Club

In 2017 the PVS Officials Committee began recognizing officials with years of service nametags: 5+ Years of Service, 10+ Years of Service, 15+ Years of Service, and 20+ Years of Service. The dedicated PVS officials who have provided 20+ Years of Service to PVS are recognized with a gold nametag.

With immense gratitude from the entire PVS community, the members of this exclusive club are listed below.

Boots Hall Unattached
Jim Carey Nation's Capital Swim Club
Al Betts Nation's Capital Swim Club
Jack Schaeffer Nation's Capital Swim Club
Don Riedlinger Rockville-Montgomery Swim Club
Steed Edwards Unattached
Jim Garner Rockville-Montgomery Swim Club
Mike Rubin The Capitol Sea Devils
Tim Husson Unattached
Elizabeth Jester The Capitol Sea Devils
Jim Thompson Herndon Aquatic Club
Steve Pitler Unattached
2019 Inductees
Jack Neill Unattached
Ken Vierra Machine Aquatics
Dave DiNardo Machine Aquatics
2020 Inductees
Pamela Starke-Reed Machine Aquatics
Drury Norris Nation's Capital Swim Club
2021 Inductee
Ben Holly YORK Swim Club
2022 Inductees
Mike Miller DC Wave Swim Team
Bentley Andrews Arlington Aquatic Club
2023 Inductee
Scott Witkin Rockville-Montgomery Swim Club