February 27-March 2, 2003

Update Posted: 12:40 PM Friday February 28.

The Friday morning session went smoothly. We fully expect to conduct the remainder of the meet as planned.No further updates to this page are currently anticipated.

Update Posted: 5:25 AM Friday February 28.

We have talked to staff at PGS&LC who are already in the facility. They advise that the entrance road to the facility from Sheriff Road and and parking lots have been plowed and the road up is clear.

Update Posted: 3:45 AM Friday February 28.

The meet will continue as scheduled. This is being done in recognition of the swimmers who have tapered for this meet in order to qualify for higher level competiton and who are staying at motels in close proximity to the pool.

In deciding whether to come to the Friday morning session, please make a decision that is appropriate and safe for your family.

Update Posted: 7:10 PM Thursday February 27.

The coaches met at 5:30 PM. They expressed a strong desire to conduct the remainder of the meet as scheduled if at all possible. The staff of PGS&LC has advised us that they fully expect that the facility will be open tomorrow at 6:00 AM. Arrangmeement have also been made for plowing during the night, including overflow parking on the FedEx lot.

Accordingly, we currently expect the meet will continue as scheduled. A final review will be made just prior to 4:00 AM Friday. Please check this website after 4:00 AM Friday for a final decision.

Update Posted: 1:20 PM Thursday February 27.

The Thursday afternoon distance events will be swum as scheduled.

A coaches meeting will be held this evening at 5:30 PM -- just prior to the start of the distance events.. Alternatives for swiming Friday's sessions will be discussed then. We will post the results of that meeting as soon as possible thereafter.

Initial Posting: 8:45 AM Thursday February 27.

This statement is posted in light of the weather forecast for this weekend.

PVS's policy regarding inclement weather is found in PVS's Policy and Procedures The following meet is scheduled for this weekend.:

We have been in contact with PGS&LC regarding the situation. They have advised us that us that it their intent to remain open if at all possible. They have also informed us that their operations staff along with the Commissions Maintenance and Development Division will plow and salt the grounds. We are the number one on the priority list to be plowed."

Our current expectation is that we will conduct today's (Thursday ) distance events as scheduled. A final decision will be made at midday.

A decision regarding Friday's events will be made later after we have an opportunity for further consultation and have better information as to what weather conditions will be tomorrow.