Club Safety Coordinator

Each club is required to appoint a Club Safety Coordinator (CSC). The CSC is a volunteer position. The CSC shall be responsible for disseminating safety education information received from USA Swimming and PVS to the Club Member's athletes, coaches and other members, and shall make recommendations to the Club Membership concerning safety policy and its implementation. The CSC shall make any reports requested by PVS's Safety Committee Chair.

Specific Duties:
  1. Keep Risk Management & Safety Manual and review periodically.
  2. Maintain a file of all information received from PVS.
  3. Forward to coaches information provided by PVS.
  4. Make any safety recommendations to coaches for practice and/or swim meet procedures.
  5. Mail any Report of Occurrences to PVS.
  6. When possible, attend PVS Safety Committee meetings.
  7. When a club has a swim meet, the CSC should be a part of the early planning process to ensure that safety is incorporated into all aspects of the meet, such as:
    1. Assigning safety marshals
    2. Completing a facility inspection
    3. Coordinate with the facility manager about unsafe conditions and response of pool staff to any incident
    4. Post signs and warm-up procedures
    5. Knowledge of the Emergency Action Plan
    6. Location of first aid supplies and telephone