Timer and Chief Timer are the two officiating assignments that may be performed without holding an official certification. However, volunteers should be at least 11 years or older and should attend the briefing for timers held prior to each session of a meet. A Timer's performance will be monitored by the Chief Timer during the meet. To volunteer as a Chief Timer, the volunteer should be at least 16 years old and have acted as a Timer at a minimum of three prior sessions of a PVS sanctioned meet.

  1. Optional Certification Requirements -- Timer/Chief Timer
    1. Age -- 16 years or older
    2. Attend PVS approved Timers Clinic
    3. Pass USA Swimming Timer's test with a grade of at least 85%.
    4. Satisfactory performance subsequent to training at a minimum of three (3) sessions, at least one of which shall have been as a Timer and another as Chief Timer.
    5. Persons concurrently certifying as Starter need only serve one (1) session as Chief Timer.
    6. Performance is reported on the PVS Official's Certification Application Form.
  2. Recertification Requirements -- None
Last Updated: 5/2008