Searchable Data Base -- Questions and Answers

Q.       Why are results from certain meets not in the searchable data base?

A.        Our goal is to include all swims conducted in PVS sanctioned meets and swims by PVS athletes outside the LSC. However, we are dependent on being able to get the results in an appropriate computerized format in order to add the swims to the searchable data base. Generally, this is not a problem for meets sanctioned by PVS and it usually not a problem for meets sanctioned by other LSC's. However, if a meet is not computerized, we cannot gain access to the computerized file, or it is not done in a manner compatible with the USA Swimming established format for exchange of computerized data -- generally foreign meets, then we are regrettably unable to add the results to our data base.

Q.       Why are my child's times in the searchable data base under different spellings of their name?

A.       In order to make maintenance of the data base feasible (it received about 115,000 times during the 1999-2000 season) it is necessary to load the times and athlete's names exactly as they are received in electronic format from the meet site. Therefore, it is important for clubs to enter their athletes into all meets using a consistent (and correct) spelling of the athlete's name. With most clubs entering their athletes electronically from a team maintained data base, this is usually not a problem. More care needs to be taken when entries are being done manually, deck entries at meets, etc. Unfortunately, we have less control how teams outside our LSC process their entries and therefore how we receive the meet results back from them.

Q.       What first name is loaded into the data base for a swimmer?

A. The current software used at most meet sites allows both the swimmers legal first name and preferred first name to provided. If a preferred name is provided by your club for your swimmer when they submit team entries, this is the name that is used in the searchable data base. If no preferred name is provided, the legal first name is used.

Q.       Is it possible to find if my child's times are in the data base under a different spelling of their name?

A.       Yes. It is not necessary to enter the entire swimmer's name in order to get a response from the searchable data base. It is possible to just type in the last name and see all the first names in the data base with that last name. It is also possible to just type in part of the last name and see all last names that start will that spelling. For example, typing "HOL" would reveal last names such as HOLTON and HOLMAN

Q.      If my child's swims are in the data base under more than one spelling of their name, is it possible to merge the records?

A.       Unfortunately the answer is no. Given how the data base is structured and tools available to us to modify its contents, we have no practical way to do so. Therefore, we urge clubs to be attentive when entering swimmers into meets in order to minimize the likelihood of this situation arising. We are hoping to be able to eliminate multiple records resulting from different capitalization of a swimmer's name, for example SMITH, JOHN versus SMITH, John