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The E-Newsletter of the USA Swimming Officials Committee
September 2007
Maxwell Award

Congratulations to Janet Law of Virginia Swimming as the September recipient of the Maxwell Excellence Award for service to local swimming. To learn more about the award and to see a list of previous recipients click here.

Stroke and Turn DVD

There is a new stroke and turn DVD available for purchase at the USA Swimming Store. The DVD is based on the previous tape but has been updated to include the most recent rule changes by FINA. It also includes a chapter index controls which allows for easy movement between chapters. To go to the USA Swimming Store, click here.

Starter DVD

We have created a starter DVD that is also available at the USA Swimming Store. It is all new video and commentary including actual examples from meets at all levels of competition from 8 & unders to Nationals. Like the stroke & turn DVD, this has a chapter index to permit easy navigation. There is a two page companion document on the USA Swimming website that should be downloaded for use with the DVD. It can be found in the Training Resources section of the Officials website. To get to the USA Swimming Store, click here. To go to the Training Resources section, click here.

Officials Online Tests

Remember to use the 2007 Rulebook. For recertifying Starters, there is a new test that combines Starter, Clerk of Course and Stroke and Turn questions. Only one test is now required. click here to connect the on-line test site.

Officials Training Clinic

The annual officials training clinic will be held this year in St Louis, MO during the weekend of October 12-14. This clinic brings in referees from around the country to exchange ideas and experiences to enhance and expand their knowledge and skills.


For officials who plan to attend the USA Swimming Convention, the Officials Committee will be presenting on Thursday, Sept. 27 a workshop at 8:00am and Burning Issues for Officials at 3:00pm. On Friday, Sept 28 there will be an Open Water Officials Seminar at 11:00am.

Also, the legislation packet has been posted to the web site. Click here to view current proposed legislation.

Administrative Referee Guidelines

We have updated the Administrative Referee Guidelines to include a new procedure that has been used at our national meets for the processing of relay cards. Hy-Tek can produce "cards" that have spaces for the entry of each swimmer's name which can then be entered into the database and produced on the lane time sheets. Click here to see the new update.