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The E-Newsletter of the USA Swimming Officials Committee
October 2008
Pettigrew Award

At the annual US Aquatic Sports convention in Atlanta, GA in September, Bruce Stratton of Snake River Swimming was named this year's recipient of the Kenneth J. Pettigrew Award. The Award is presented to an official in recognition of exceptional and extensive service to the sport of swimming. Please join us in congratulating Bruce for a job well done.

USA-S Rules

The House of Delegates meeting at the annual convention in Atlanta, GA voted on certain rule changes. One that directly affects parents and officials concerns a limitation of certain types of swimsuits by 12 and unders at Age Group Meets. To see the changes on the Rules and Regulations page, click here.

Convention News

The Officials Committee held a training session for officials’ evaluators at the convention in Atlanta. Its main emphasis was on the role of evaluators as mentors and the requirement that they provide feedback to those being evaluators.

Swimmers with Disabilities

The Disability Swimming Committee has prepared a ten-page handout with sample situations and resolutions as an aid to coaches and officials. If you have questions regarding situations that might occur at a meet and want to find out more, click here.

Training: Starters

The starter DVD has been out for about a year and we wanted to remind everyone that the “Training Points” document is a critical part of the educational experience as it points out situations where proper protocol was not used or where an unusual situation arose. Please be sure to use the Training Points document when using the starter DVD for training.

Training: Pool Officials

The annual pool officials training clinic was held in Minneapolis, MN during the weekend of October 10-12. About 70 officials from 46 LSCs around the country attended the workshop.

Situation: Butterfly

During the 100 yard butterfly the swimmer recovers over the water with the arms moving simultaneously. As the arms move forward beyond half way (i.e., less than 90 degrees relative to the body) the swimmers hand and arms reenter the water whereupon the swimmer brings them together and pushes them forward until the arms are fully extended prior to commencing the next pull. The stroke judge signals a possible disqualification and explains the violation as an underwater recovery. The Deck Referee overrules the stroke judge stating that this is a legal over the water recovery.

Correct Ruling?

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