1. The location of the pool(s) in which the club is initially planning to practice.

  2. The residential location of a majority (plurality) of the athletes expected to initially register with the club.

  3. The LSC it is in the best interest of the club to be registered. If this is different than the LSC listed in questions 1 - 2, please provide an explanation.

If the answer to questions 1-3 only list one LSC, then the Registrar of that LSC may accept (recommend to that LSC) that the club be registered -- provided all other relevant criteria are met.

If more than one LSC is listed, then the appropriate LSC's shall consult. If they agree, then that shall determine the LSC in which the club registers.

If the LSC's do not agree, the Local Administration Vice President in consultation with the USA Swimming Club Development Director and others shall decide in which LSC the new club shall register.

Note: Policy adopted by United States Swimming Board of Directors -- September 13, 2005