Hy-Tek Ltd Announces 1998 Product Updates

Hy-Tek annouced it began shipping its 1998 Product Updates on Monday August 24th. These updates have VERY IMPORTANT changes to support the new 1999 USA Swimming Registration ID. All Hy-Tek products, except TEAM MANAGER for DOS, support the new 14 character ID, including the new TEAM MANAGER for Windows.

Check out their web site at www.hy-tekltd.com and click on the "1998 Swimming Updates" on the left side of the Home Page for more specific infomation. These updates can be ordered directly from the Hy-Tek "On-Line Store".

The adoption by USS of the new 14 digit registration number will require that all parties use the latest version whenever a valid USS registation number is required. Any athlete registering for the first time on or after September 1, 1998 will have this number and all athletes must have reregistered by January 1, 1999 -- at which time they will receive the new number. The prior 12-digit registration number will no longer be in use starting in 1999.