Report of Operations
to the
House of Delegates

Officials Committee John Hirschmann, Chair

Recapping the year, the officials committee successfully completed its fall, winter, and spring clinics. Even though attendance was good, there is still the need to keep encouraging clubs to send individuals to these clinics, as well as having clinic attendees complete the respective certification process.

All of the PVS championship meets were well staffed and officiated very well.

New rules changes for breaststroke, butterfly, freestyle, and forward start went into effect March 6, 1998. PVS implemented rule changes at Junior Champs without any problems.

Club official's chairmen's meeting in October was again well received. Topics discussed included outcome of official's clinics, operation support changes and competition changes.

Bob Brofft and Jim Garner will be attending the official's clinic in Colorado Springs on May 22-24, 1998.

Operations Support Don Smith, Chair

RFP (request for proposal) is being developed to bid out the storage, management, and maintenance of PVS electronic timing equipment. Bids will go out during the summer, with an award to the contractor completed by summer's end. Continuing comments in the meet passdowns about equipment problems and failures is the purpose behind this bidding process. Also, the direction the LSC is headed with meets, dictates an analysis of how PVS equipment is currently managed.

New equipment purchased this year includes prime cable and eight lap counters.

Colorado and Hy-Tek clinics were well attended this year.

A meet equipment set-up clinic was held on November 1, 1997, to ensure clubs holding meets knew and/or understood the proper procedure to set-up equipment.

Meet Entry Clinic is planned for next year to show club's meet entry person how to set-up a meet starting with the receipt of entries.

Meet Management Jack Mechler

A successful meet director's workshop was held this year. Minor revisions were made to the Meet Directors Guide.

The task of drafting meet announcements was tackled.

Meet Entry Support Becca Peck

A new procedure was implemented for meet entry set-up as a result of Jeannette Lewis' resignation in Sept. Becca Peck became the meet entry support person for any club(s) needing help with meet entry set-up. However, clubs were encouraged to do their own entries. Many did, as Becca only did three meets.