Overview of Dive-over Starts
  • Forward starts only
  • Swimmers are called to the block while the previous race is still underway
  • The heat is started while the previous heat’s swimmers remain in the water at the conclusion of the race.
  • Four or more whistle chirps sounded after the last swimmer passes the 15m mark from the finish end on the last lap
  • Starter/Announcer announces next event/heat
  • Long whistle to bring up next heat’s swimmers to the starting blocks when last swimmer passes the backstroke flag
  • In-water swimmers go to the corner of the lane at the conclusion of their race. They must remain quiet with their legs hanging down. They must not hold onto the starting blocks.
  • When Referee sees the next heat is ready, he/she passes control to the Starter by extending his/her arm.
  • Starter says, “Take Your Mark” and sounds the start signal when all swimmers are in position
  • In-water swimmers exit the pool once the heat is started
  • PVS Board of Directors has authorized its use.
  • Meet Announcement will indicate whether it will be used at a particular meet.
  • First meets authorized are RMSC Kickoff Meet and PVS October Open.
  • Meet Director for RMSC Kickoff Meet has advised Dive-Over starts will NOT be used at that meet.
Additional Information