Distance Coordinator Report -- May 2004

FYI: Distance meet qualifying times For many years we have politely ignored the posted qualifying times for the PVS distance meets when entering our novice swimmers into the 1000/800 and 1650/1500. This is understandable since there was no other opportunity to swim those events with NT's other than the October and November open meets. Meet managers chose not to require proof of time while coaches used estimated or time trials entry times. This has now been made official by adding the following wording to the meet announcements: "Coaches times may be submitted in lieu of official times"

Growing Pains Over the years we have seen a steady increase in the number of swimmers participating in the PVS distance meets. We have narrowly avoided swimming two swimmers to a lane in order to meet our timeline. Recently we had to turn away a VA team that wanted to join us at the Longcourse Distance meet. If this increase continues, we will need to address a strategy for expanding PVS distance meets. Since we are outgrowing the "one site, one event per day" format. We need suggestions for expanding the current structure.

Some thoughts
Electronic timing requirements (concerns about Feb. meet - see B.o.D. meeting minutes)
Multiple sites - cost
Sites with two courses (this has been done SC but it is not a LC option)
Multiple events both days (we have done this with overflow swimmers on one day)
A & over vs. BB & under sessions
Sessions by age groups
Distance Championship meet
Warm-up availability
Indoors vs. outdoors for LC meet in May

Since distance meets are never big moneymakers, PVS has sponsored the meets with clubs hosting them. Therefore in order to maintain and improve the quality of the PVS distance program we need your` input for future planning.

We would like to hear from those coaches training distance swimmers on all levels and who plan on participating in future PVS distance meets.


Please send any feedback to:
Rod Montrie