PVS Coaches Corner



2011-2012 Yuri Suguiyama CUBU
2009-2010 Kent Williams RMSC
2008-2009 David Kraft RMSC
2007-2008 Dave Greene RMSC
2006-2007 Kent Williams RMSC
2005-2006 Marilyn Mangels CUBU
2004-2005 David Kraft RMSC


In 2004, the PVS Board of Directors initiated the awarding of the PVS Age Group Coach of the Year.  The selection criteria is based on a coach's achievements from the start of the current LCM season (the day after SC Eastern Zone Championship Meet) through the last day of the following year's LC Eastern Zone Championship Meet.

The PVS Age Group Coach of the Year Award is awarded to the one coach that has, in the eyes of the selection committee, achieved the most as an age group coach during the just completed LCM and SCY seasons.

The PVS Age Group Coach of the Year will have his/her expenses paid to attend the ASCA Convention where the award is presented.

The coach must be the primary coach of a swimmer or swimmers age 14 or younger.  Primary coach means that the swimmer must train a majority of time with that coach.  The coach must also train the swimmer(s) a minimum of 9 months during the defined season and be responsible for developing the training plan.  If the swimmer ages up to the senior age group mid-season, the only accomplishments considered will be while that swimmer was in the 13-14 age group provided that they trained with that coach for at least 9 months prior to aging up.  The same will hold true for swimmers aging up to the 11-12 age group and the 13-14 age group.