(at which training will not be conducted)

Winter Junior Olympics (December)
12 & Under Championship Meet SC (February/March)(2)
Senior Championship Meet SC (March)
Maryland State Long Course Meet (May/June)
12 & Under Championship Meet LC (July)(2)
Senior Championship Meet LC (July)


No person may serve as an official in any capacity at a meet in which he/she is also competing or is coaching athletes who are competing in the meet.

Performance in all positions after certification is subject to continuing evaluation.

When there is a requirement to work a session as a trainee, it shall consist of the entire session.


A "session" is one held as part of a PVS sanctioned or approved meet conducted by a PVS certified referee.

A "PVS conducted clinic" is an official training clinic which is taught by PVS instructors.

A "PVS approved clinic" is a clinic conducted by others with the approval of the PVS Officials Committee. Currently, two types clinics are approved: (1) Stroke and Turn Clinics held by summer leagues which use PVS instructors. The curriculum must be approved by PVS Officials Committee; (2) Timers clinics, which any PVS club may host so long it uses a PVS certified referee and the PVS syllabus.


1. List is subject to revision by the PVS Officials Committee as appropriate to reflect changes in the PVS Meet Schedule.

2. Training for Hy-Tek and Colorado Timing may be conducted at this meet.

Last Updated: 10/97