As presented at the Competition Committee Meeting - January 14, 2007




As some of you may be aware, PVS is looking into providing funding for a Diversity Team to represent PVS.  Maryland had one last year at the Black Heritage meet in North Carolina.  I will contact Brendan McElroy of BCSC and get more details on how they organized things but following are some ideas and suggestions I have for implementing this.

Athlete Selection process:

  1. Must be a USA registered athlete, currently representing a PVS Club

  2. Must have been registered within PVS the past 18 months

  3. Maybe use a points based system to select athletes

  4. Depending on funding and interest, select top 4 athletes in each age group, which would bring total number of athletes to 32 and would allow for compiling relays

  5. If there are numerous applicants, maybe select the top swimmer from each club so that there is a wider range of representation from clubs.

If possible, run one or two team practices prior to the meet.

A few things that would need to be established

  1. The purpose and objective of the team

  2. What are the potential problems

  3. What are the potential benefits

  4. What team apparel is worn, or do we use the PVS Zone team attire

  5. Presuming we have a team with the above numbers, how many coaches are needed and how do we select them

Manga Dalizu