Eastern Zone Report
Head Coach Bob Walker

Potomac Valley hosted the 2000 Short Course Zone Meet at the NEW P.G. Park and Planning Complex. The meet was the first held at the facility. The meet was a big success for Potomac Valley & the rest of the Eastern Zone Teams. The pool should be considered one of the fastest pools to hold a zone meet.

  • Here are some of the highlights:
  • Over 280 swims made Top-16 nominating times
  • Over 60 swims bettered Potomac Valley Swimming Open Records
  • 17 swims bettered the Eastern Zone Meet Record
  • 11 swims bettered the Junior National Qualifying Standard
  • For Potomac Valley it breaks down as follows:
  • PVS Team finished in 4th place (Women finished 3rd & Men finished 4th)
  • 25 swims made Top-16 nominating times
  • 1 swim bettered a PVS Open Record
  • 2 swims bettered the Eastern Zone Meet Record
  • 2 swims bettered the Junior National Qualifying Standard
  • PVS Winners included:
  • Morgan Ribar 10-under girls 50 & 100 Back
  • 10-under girls 200 Free Relay (Ribar / Macedonia / Schwee / Kelly)
  • Ellis Beier 11-12 girls 50 Breast
  • 11-12 girls 200 Free Relay (Kugler / Eull / Newell / Swinley)
  • 11-12 girls 400 Free Relay (Kugler / Richardson / Newell / Swinley)
  • 13-14 girls 200 Free Relay (Sullivan / Walsh / Pool / Tolbart)
  • Jonathan Kaufman 100 Breast
  • Michael Emory 200 IM
  • Chris Dufek 100 Back
  • 15-18 girls 400 Medley Relay (Havard / Littlefield / Vukmanic / Kemezys)
  • 15-18 boys 400 Medley Relay (Dufek / Kaufman / Orton / McGivern)
  • Michael Orton 100 fly (Jr. National)
  • Kelly Urso 200 Back (Jr. National)

The coaching staff consisted of :

Head Coach: Bob Walker
Assistant Coach: Blair Cameron
Coaches: Ward Foley, Dave Greene, Chris Hadden, George Massey
Managers: Jim and Elizabeth Williams
ZoneCoordinators: Thirl and Linda Crudup

Thanks to all PVS Coaches, Timers, Officials and Meet Staff in making this meet a huge success.

Having been a zone coach these are some questions and suggestions I would like to propose:

  1. Why do we need an application on file? Everyone should be automatically considered and those that have a conflict should withdraw their name. We would then send the fastest zone team to the meet. Remember you can apply and back out for any reason...BUT...you can not swim fast, make the meet, and then apply. We have the computer technology to move forward with this idea.
  2. Again we did not have enough interested PVS coaches apply for the staff. We have tried many different ways of getting coaches to apply, but their seems not much of an interest. We started paying coaches and that hasn't brought in any more applications then in years past. Why do we pay short course coaches and not long course coaches? We had two non-paid long course coaches last summer for an away meet and six paid short course coaches for a local meet? This was my fifteenth zone meet as a coach and my first one that I received a stipend for. I hope after my next fifteen zone meets, I do get to see a few more coaches out there from Potomac Valley!!!! (Paid or not we need some more coaches.) All of you coaches that have been part of zone teams in the past, Thanks for all of your hard work...there hasn't been a zone meet I have been to that we have not had a great staff. Thanks Again!
  3. We need 4 Code-of-Conducts and Guide Lines for the Zone Meets made up and signed by ALL swimmers and coaches. The four code-of-conducts & Guide Lines we need:
    1. Local Meet where we house the kids.
    2. Local Meet where we do not house the kids
    3. Away Meet where we house the kids.
    4. Away Meet where we do not house the kids

Then we can address questions such as relays, swimming assigned events, scratching from finals, participating in zone practices or functions, etc.

We spend considerable time in trying to make the Zone Meet a GREAT experience for all that participate. We are so close to making it all come together and I firmly believe we will, and we will WIN one of these meets.

Submitted by Bob Walker to Competition Committee May 3, 2000