An idea to simplify the procedure for applying for meet travel reimbursement

Within 30 days after the designated travel meets for which reimbursement is requested, the coach will submit a list of the names of all the swimmers who are qualified. By naming a swimmer to this list, the coach is attesting that the swimmer is has met all qualifications, including meets/swims for reimbursement funding. There will be no appeal category** on this list. [Note: swimmers using the "college exemption" from the meet/swims requirements would have to file as "appeals."] The names submitted from all teams would be published about one week after the submission deadline.. Any registered member of PVS could challenge any name on the list by submitting a challenge fee ($50) to the PVS Admin. Office within 2 weeks of publication of the list. If a name is challenged, the submitting coach would have one week after being notified of the challenge to submit proof of the swimmer's qualifications. If the coach could not prove that the swimmer was qualified, the swimmer's team would be fined ($125) for false submission and challenge fee would be returned to challenger, along with part ($25) of the fine money paid by the unqualified swimmer's team . If the swimmer was proved to be qualified, thus making the challenger wrong, the challenger would forfeit the challenge fee, half ($25) of which would go to PVS and the other half ($25) would go to the erroneously challenged club. Once the two week period after publication of the total list had passed without any challenges to a club's list, the travel honorariums would be paid to the clubs. No moneys would not be paid to a club until all challenges had been cleared, one way or the other.

Please note, the timeline outlined above is meant to be used as a guideline---it is not necessarily a real time timeline. The PV Admin. Office will set up a real time timeline listing the actual calendar dates for the Senior National Meets (SC and LC), the U.S. Open, and any other national meet for which there are expected to be many requests for travel reimbursement. The actual dates would be approved by the Board of Directors and published prior to the start of the national meet. (This procedure would allow for variances in the exact schedule due to the date of the U.S.A. Swimming Convention; holidays, when the office might be closed; office staff vacations, etc.) Requests for travel reimbursement from all other meets would use the general guidelines, as their timeline.

** Swimmers who are not fully qualified, may be submitted within the 30 day filing period to the PVS Office, using an appeal form. The Office will forward the appeals to the travel subcommittee, who will make a recommendation to the board at the next regularly scheduled meeting. After the Board votes, the club will be notified as to the out come of the appeal. As is now the policy, no additional information may be submitted after the appeal first reaches PVS so all pertinent information should be included in the appeal when it is filed. (A draft "Appeal" form is attached.)

This summer, I would suggest that Junior and Senior (Olympic Trial) submissions be due at the same time, to ease the "double dipping" checking. (Reminder, if a swimmer has already "double-dipped," applying for a second "double-dip" constitutes an unqualified submission and thus would be challengeable.)

Note: Submtted by Linda Klopenstein to Competition Committee -- May 3, 2000