Records Committee Meeting

In attendance:
Greg York
Mark Eldridge
Manga Dalizu
Marilyn Sommensato
Marie Buck

Recommendations for Records:

Resident - Any Potomac Valley registered swimmer who has represented Potomac Valley Swimming within one calendar year is eligible to set a resident record in any USA-S approved/sanctioned meet.

Open - Open records can be set t any Potomac Valley sanctioned meet and/or a Potomac Valley Club sponsored meet in which all clubs are invited and eligible to participate.

Meet Records - The Board will decide which meets will be included and excluded.

Other Issues:

  • A standard form for Top 16 qualifier is needed for coaches to complete and submit to the Records Committee. This should be in the same time frame as other awards.
  • For every record, proof needs to be submitted by a designated person in the swim club.
  • There should be a hard copy of records, in addition to that on the web.
  • Any inconsistency noted in the records can be research and/or resubmitted by the referring Club.
  • For meets outside Potomac Valley Swimming, it is the responsibility of each club to submit the web address of where the meet results are posted, or submit a computer disk of the results to the Records Committee.
  • The Committee needs to review Senior Relay Records.
Submitted by Greg York to Competition Committee May 3, 2000