Open Water Meet Reimbursement
  • Must be listed as USA Swimming National Championship on USA Swimming web site. These are usually 5K & 25K, sometimes 10K and occasionally 15K.
  • At least as a start, set a fixed amount of money to be divided to limit upper end cost. But, also set a minimum & maximum amount of reimbursement per athlete. Minimum might be of a Junior share, maximum a Junior share.
  • Athlete must have swum in at least one 5K event that is recognized by USA Swimming prior to the USA Swimming National Championship.
  • Athlete must have swum some number of PVS swims (make same as Jr/Sr National reimbursement guidelines).
  • As with Jr/Sr National swimmers you must be a member of PVS club and represent that club at the meet.
  • If the Open Water National is an add-on to an existing Jr/Sr National meet (like it is this summer after Trials) and an athlete attends both, then they get an add-on amount for reimbursement (an extra % of what they have already gotten, or a daily stipend for one or two days).

This will be presented at Competition in May.

Submitted by Jim Garner to Competition Committee May 3, 2000