Officials Education Travel Reimbursement

Potomac Valley Swimming (PVS)

As adopted by PVS Board of Directors

March 12, 2007


The Officials National Meet Educational Stipend is intended to assist with an Official’s travel expenses to work national level competition. The Officials Chairman through the Vice-Chairman for Operations shall recommend to the Board of Directors which meets shall be eligible for reimbursement during the following competitive year (September 1 to August 31).  The meets may be recommended from amongst the following meets: Short & Long Course Eastern Zones, Sectional Championships, USA Swimming Junior National Championships, Trials Class Meets, USA Swimming National Championships, Open Water Championships, and USA Swimming Disability Championships.  


Officials working a qualifying meet - may not receive more than their actual expenses in travel assistance from USA Swimming and PVS combined.  The Officials Committee shall recommend annually to the Board of Directors both the maximum to be paid per meet for meets to be held in the following competition year as well as the total assistance that may be paid for meets held during the following competition year.     An official may receive up to three (3) travel stipends in each competition year.  Official’s reimbursement will be distributed subject to the rules below.  When the yearly allocation is exhausted no additional allocations will be made for meets held in that competition year.


In order to receive travel assistance from PVS, an official must meet certain minimum eligibility requirements:


·        The official must be registered with PVS for at least six months prior to the meet and be registered with USA Swimming through PVS as an official during the time of the meet for which they are requesting assistance.

·        The official must work a minimum of four sessions at the event for which they are requesting travel assistance.

·        The official must have worked at least two sessions each, in at least three PVS sanctioned meets during the 12 months immediately preceding the request for reimbursement.

·        The official must notify the PVS Officials Chair of the intent to request a reimbursement upon acceptance to officiate at the designated meet, and prior to the date of the meet.

·        Meets held within the geographical boundaries of PVS are not eligible for reimbursement.

·        Completed PVS requests for travel assistance are due not later than thirty (30) days after the competition for which travel assistance is being requested.


Requests for the Stipend are to be addressed to the PVS Officials Chair who will certify that the Official is eligible and meets all requirements.  The PVS Officials Chair will recommend to the PVS Board of Directors who should receive a stipend and the amount prior to or at the PVS Board of Directors meeting immediately following the due date.  The PVS Board will review and if approved will authorize the PVS Treasurer to disburse funds identifying the person and amount.