Potomac Valley Swimming
Board of Directors Meeting
December 3, 2003

Proposal to Co-Host Coaches Clinics

Moved: That PVS accept the proposal from NV Pools to co-sponsor coaches clinics with them and to work with NV Pools to schedule such clinics at times and locations that will be attractive to PVS registered coaches. This will be a non-exclusive license and will not involve any financial participation by PVS. The involvement of PVS will be limited to helping schedule the events and publicizing them.

This proposal is presented in response to the obvious demand from our coaches to provide convenient and properly timed clinics where they can renew their certifications in order to remain qualified to be on deck. As the source and enforcers of the tough policies regarding these qualifications, we have an obligation to help make it easy for the coaches to remain current. To that end, we have already give web site exposure to some clinics. But, we would like to be more active, especially in regard to the timing of the clinics and in regard to providing efficient processing after the clinic.

This proposal endoreses clinics that will be run by NV Pools on a for profit basis at locations and dates of our choosing. It will be a commercial venture by them with no financial participation by PVS at all. Our only involvement will be to help schedule the events and to publicize them. The course material is standardized and there is no difference between a course taught by NV Pools and any other vender. Also, this is a non-exclusive license and PVS reserves the right to endorse or sponsor other clinics if a proper opportunity presents itself.

NV Pools is a large pool management company with a full time training division. They already offer these services widely in our market and this co-hosting arrangement will bring their resources and expertise to our coaches at the locations and dates we designate. Although the timing is subject to change, the target time frames for the clinics are early in the new registration year and early in the new calendar year. If we can get more of our coaches on these schedules, it will make life easier for all of us.