Administrative Items
January 12, 2004 Report
DRAFT 1/12/04

Revised PVS Policies Regarding Athlete Registration, Meet Entry and SWIMS Data

Proposed Policy Points: .
  1. Athletes must be registered and paid prior to meet entry deadlines in order to enter a specific meet.

  2. Meet directors for all PVS sanctioned meets must forward meet entry files to the PVS Registrar at least eight (8) full days before the first day of competition so that meet reconciliation can be performed. The Registrar will return an exceptions report to the meet director at least one day before the first day of the meet. These exceptions must be resolved or the athlete will not be permitted to participate.

  3. Deck entries from athletes not included in the eligible athletes file for that meet are accepted at the risk of the meet director. PVS will not take any steps to resolve SWIMS data discrepancies that may occur as a result of deck entries.

  4. The PVS Registrar will forward to each PVS team a list of discrepancies and other problems that occur with attempts to upload meet results into SWIMS. Teams have full responsibility to determine why a difficulty occurred and to resolve it. PVS will adjust its records after a fix is determined.

Discussion: These policy revisions are intended to streamline the administrative operations of PVS and to improve the quality of data following meets. Our experience indicates that these changes will not affect very many swimmers negatively, but they will improve efficiency and significantly reduce the administrative requirements on the Registrar and Webmaster. These changes also reinforce the PVS policy of placing responsibility for proper registration and meet entry with the teams, not with the PVS Registrar, meet directors or volunteers.