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All results from PVS meets through
PVS Age Group I at Rockville June 18
PVS Age Group I at Fairland June 18
PVS Senior I at Rockville June 11
PVS Senior I at LDP June 11
Maryland States Long Course Meet June 2-4
PVS Distance Meet May 27-28
Bunkey Lewis Mini Meet May 13-14
Early Bird Long Course May 6-7
Spring Sprints 2000 April 29
TCSD-FISH 500 Free/400 IM Meet April 16
Eastern Zones March 30-April 1
(Note: Swimmers are affiliated with their LSC (not club) for this meet)
Spring Championship March 25-26
March Madness Meet March 17-19
Mini Championships March 18-19
PVS Senior SC Championships March 9-12
PVS Junior SC Championships March 2-5
PVS Age Group SC Championships February 24-27

Results from the participation of PVS teams in other meets including
2000 Retreiver Long Course Invitational May 19-21
2000 NAAC Carol Chidester Long Course Meet May 5-7
Trident May Maelstrom May 5-7
Poseidon Coca Cola Classic May 18-21
West Virginia President's Day Meet February 11-13
National Championship Time Trials March 28- April 1
National Championship March 28- April 1
Southeast Junior Time Trials March 21-25, 2000
Southeast Junior March 21-25, 2000
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This data base contains all results from the 1996-97 PVS Competitive season.