October 15-17, 1999

The 4 distance events scheduled for Friday evening will now be swum in a modified order:

Accordingly, the 4 distance events scheduled for Friday evening are scheduled to start at approximately the following times.

IMPORTANT: These events are subject to positive check-in, therefore, starting TIMES MAY BE EARLIER than those shown below.

Check-in deadlines are 5:20pm for 500 Freestyle and 5:30pm for 1000 Freestyle.

Event MLKSouth RunLee District
Event 2 11-12 Men 500 Freestyle5:50 PM5:50 PM5:50 PM
Event 1 11-12 Women 500 Freestyle6:12 PM6:07 PM6:06 PM
Event 4 Open Men 1000 Freestyle6:47 PM6:39 PM6:28 PM
Event 3 Open Women 1000 Freestyle7:36 PM7:34 PM6:43 PM
Completion of Event 38:51 PM8:43 PM7:22 PM

Each men's event is being swum before the equivalent women's event. This change is being made since the warm-ups for all Men begin at 6:30 AM on Saturday whereas the warm-ups for the Women start no earlier than 11:30 AM on Saturday.

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  • Posted: October 10, 1999
    Revised October 12, 1999