PVS 2000 Zone Team
12-under Zone Team Meeting for Parents
12-under Practice for Swimmers

Saturday March 11 @ 1:30-2:30pm
at Oak Marr Recreation Center

Congratulations goes out to all PVS swimmers. Your efforts and dedication will make this one of the fastest Zone Teams ever assembled.

We will be having a parent meeting and a practice for all 12-unders that comprise the 2000 Zone Team. The parent meeting will help finalize outfitting, team policy, meet information and logistics. The practice will allow the swimmers to meet the coaching staff, meet the other athletes on the team, practice relay take-off's and learn a cheer or two. Finalized Information will be distributed at this time.

PVS 2000 Zone Staff
Team Manager Linda Crudup
Head Coach Bob Walker
Coach Ward Foley
Coach Dave Greene
Coach Blair Cameron
Coach George Massey
Coach Chris Hadden

Oak Marr Recreation Center
3134 Jermantown Road
Oakton, VA