The last night of "finals" is quite the festival!

Eastern Zone Meet at Gloucester County Institute of Technology in Sewell, New Jersey

April 1-3, 1999

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LeeAnn Chang.
Matt Dugan.
A "good luck" sign is made for LeeAnn (far right in photo on left) and Matt Dugan shows his PVS spirit and colors!

Shawn gives out markers.
Ward Foley.
Head Coach Shawn Fisher (left) hands out markers to swimmers making banners while Coach Ward Foley (right) distributes noise makers and Mardi Gras (aka "speed") beads.

Shawn starts the banner.
The Team!
Shawn started the PVS banner and each swimmer signed it.  They then posed in front of their handiwork.

The cheering begins.
Whose socks are these?
The cheering throughout the pool started at 5:50 and lasted for 15 minutes. PVS swimmers made their share of noise.  Does anyone know where all that energy comes from?

The End.
In the end, PVS finished fourth overall and made each of us very proud to be a part of this great LSC!

Congratulations Potomac Valley!!

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